ICPAK Branches in Kenya


The Institute has nine (9) established branches namely Coast branch, Western branch, Nyanza branch, Central Rift branch, North Rift branch, South Rift branch, Mt. Kenya Branch, Eastern and North Eastern Branches. Of these, only Coast branch has a physical office located at Jubilee Insurance Building, Moi Avenue, 2nd Floor, Room 16B. The rest eight operate on a virtual basis. The branches exist to develop strategies, prioritizes and action plans to lobby for increased recognition of the value and role of the professional accountant in society. They also mobilize members for training, information sharing and capacity building in areas of need, coordinate membership recruitment and retention efforts, review progress on implementing their Branch Annual Work plans and report to ICPAK Council. Branches operate with an elected committee led by a Branch Chairperson.

Branch Name Position Name Email
Coast Chairperson CPA Yusuf Juma Mulindwa, 1406 coast@icpak.com
Vice Chairperson CPA Jack Wasonga Kasole, 7390
Western Chairperson CPA Charles Tunga, 5279 western@icpak.com
Vice Chairperson CPA Antony Opondo, 11988
Nyanza Chairperson CPA William Ogollah Omondi, 6283 nyanza@icpak.com
Vice Chairperson CPA Caren Atieno Onyango, 8134
North Rift Chairperson CPA Frank Oichoe Soibe, 10404 northrift@icpak.com
Vice Chairperson CPA William Kipleting Koech, 8322
Central Rift Chairperson CPA Anne Wangeci, 7714 centralrift@icpak.com
Vice Chairperson CPA Charles O. Owuor, 11104
Mt. Kenya Chairperson CPA Reuben Boro Gitahi, 3687 mtkenya@icpak.com
Vice Chairperson CPA Rosemary Nyokabi Wangui, 7165
South Rift Chairperson CPA Benjamin Kiprotich Komen, 4908 southrift@icpak.com
Vice Chairperson CPA Joseph Cheruiyot Lang’at, 7341
Eastern Chairperson CPA Stephen Munyao Kisoi, 9928 eastern@icpak.com
Vice Chairperson CPA Nicholas Kimanzi Mumo, 4562
North Eastern Chairperson CPA Hussein Hassan Ali, 7800 northeastern@icpak.com
Vice Chairperson CPA Abdalla Abdi, 14289