10 Reasons Why I am Hosting All my Websites at Kinsta

There is always a reason as to why any blogger would want to move from one web hosting company to the other. I am one of thousands of publishers who are hosting their websites at Kinsta.It’s a year since I successfully migrated my 5 sites to Kinsta and I would share my experience and 10 concrete reasons why I took the step.

I started blogging in 2010, when few blogs were in existence and getting information on specific topics was not a mean feat. Over time I built by blogs in terms of content and popularity. It reached a time when local hosting companies won’t manage my traffic. From time to time, I could complain to them through customer service and what irritated me most was their poor customer care, frequent downtime and lack of scaling when my blogs received traffic spikes. I decided enough is enough and resolved to seek for a better hosting company.

In March 2016 I read in one of the most famous blogs about Kinsta.The blogger had a nasty experience with a local hosting company and had just migrated to Kinsta.He shared his experience and from the way he explained, I was impressed.

I have now managed to be with Kinsta for one year and recently they wrote me an email thanking me for being their customer. Here is my experience.

  1. Automatic scaling

Before I moved to Kinsta,one of my websites,venasnews.co.ke used to receive traffic spikes.The moment I posted a viral blog post,the hosting company would cut down the traffic to zero due to excess memory usage.The action would shut my site completely for at least 24 hours. That alone resulted to massive income losses.

Ever since I migrated to Kinsta, none of my sites have experienced frequent downtime. Nowadays I sleep soundly knowing that kinsta is taking care of all my hosting demands.

  1. Value for money

New bloggers may find Kinsta way above their budget but the fact is,whatever you pay shows out through the services you get from Kinsta.One of the things that would excite you is that never at one time you’ll find the company’s customer service shoddy—they are always alert and ready to help you.

  1. Premium WordPress Hosting Service

For WordPress sites,Kista is the most perfect hosting company.There is one thing that used to happen to me before I finally settled at Kinsta.It would reach a point I was unable to login to my site and the only message I could get is:”error in database connection”.Ever since I joined Kinsta,I haven’t heard any issue.

Kinsta has full recommendation even from Google as it uses its infrastructure

  1. Blazing fast websites

The loading speed when hosting your site at Kinsta is blazing.None of the existing hosting company can compare to Kinsta in terms of loading speed.

What you should know as a blogger is that loading speed is a key factor in ranking websites. Google uses this to rank blogs and the faster your blog loads the better it ranks.

  1. Excellent customer service

Another thing I find impressive about Kinsta is their customer service. Each time I initiate a chat with them, I get a response in less than 3 minutes. The response is always satisfactory.Kista customer service won’t disappoint.

  1. Free migration

Kinsta offers free migration to any publisher planning to join the company.As you’re aware, migration of sites can cost as high as $200 and most companies don’t care about the challenge. But Kinsta does all the work. What you need is to contact them through this link when you want to move your site to their platform and provide the details they would ask for.

  1. Money Back Guarantees

In case you pay for a plan and you wish to cancel the payment,you can contact Kinsta and they will refund you the money within a month.

  1. Malware/virus removal

Last year, 2016,all my websites were attacked by malware.I contacted them and what they did was to remove the malware for free.

Once your site is hosted at Kinsta they take care of malware removal without charging you any fee.

  1. Payment adjustments

One thing I like about Kinsta is that they allow you to adjust the amount of money you pay each month at will.If you feel that the traffic is low and you want to downscale your plan, you will go to their platform and adjust downwards. Companies like Bluehost won’t allow you to downgrade your plan once you have purchased a more superior plan.

  1. Flexible payment

What most web hosting companies do is that when your site utilize all allocated resources,they suspend it –Kinsta is different.What Kinsta does is that if the resources exceed what you indicated in the plan you purchased,they charge you $1 for any extra bandwidth. This is way better than when your site is suspended.


Out of 100,I give Kinsta 99.9%.So far I am a happy client.And if you wish to shift you hosting to kinsta,don’t hesitate.Contact them through this link and get the excellent services I have mentioned above.