10 Reasons Why You Should Host your Website at iPgage Dedicated Server


iPage offers excellent Dedicated Server Services. There are many reasons why you should host your website at iPage, thousands of people who host their websites at the company always provide reviews of the company- I would also like to provide my opinion to the best of my knowledge and experience.

These are the reasons why you should host your website at iPage

Suitable for websites with huge traffic

If you have a website with over 500,000 monthly page views,iPage is one of the best companies to host it.Their dedicated servers are so powerful that they can accommodate your website’s traffic without any down time.

iPage is a reputable company

iPage has over time stood out as one of the best hosting companies for big websites. It is ranked among the top 5 best companies with powerful and efficient dedicated servers.

Value for your money

The dedicated server will offer you the best services, thus providing value for your mpney.iPage dedicated server goes for $119.99 per month but this package comes with the following benefits:

  1. Up to 15 TB Bandwidth
  2. Maximum Performance
  3. Instant Deployment

The good thing is that you will not exhaust the bandwidth offered under this plan;15TB bandwidth is so huge that you can place up to 50 websites under a single plan.

You can decide to take a VPS server

Another good thing about iPage is that you can decide to take VPS server, which is much cheaper but with the same benefits as the dedicated server.

The VPS server costs $19.99 per month and has the following benefits:

  1. Up to 4 TB Bandwidth
  2. Customizable CPU/RAM
  3. Instant Deployment

99.99 % uptime

The problem with most hosting companies is that uptime is not guaranteed, but with iPage dedicated server you can be assured of more than 99 % uptime.

Superb customer service

Another thing that customers praise this company for is customer service, which is ranked excellent. The technical team are always ready to help you in case of a problem.