11Diploma courses to pursue that can lead to self-employment


The world is becoming increasingly competitive, unemployment has become so rampant that pursuing a diploma sometimes makes one lose the desire to face the world after college.

Many of us have a notion that going to school is all about employment. If you are among this group you better start thinking differently. Self-employment is way better than working for someone, with close supervision, instructions, poor salary, and lack of appreciation.

With self-employment, you have all the freedom to do whatever you want without any restrictions. You can set your limits and earn what you want and when you want.

Below are diploma courses that could lead to self-employment


You will earn knowledge on how to start business from scratch, develop it and achieve what most entrepreneurs have not managed.

Entrepreneurship is the best course for anyone with little expectations of seeking employment.


A diploma in Nursing or pharmacy will enable you develop skills that could help you start your own clinic or chemist after graduation. This is the surest route to wealth.

Human Resources Management

This is the best course for women who are good in public relations and communication.

As human resources professional, you can start a human resources firm or a recruitment portal. Alternatively, you can offer array of consultancy services to firms whose employees need skills regarding best practices in work environment and employer-employee relationship.


A diploma in Statistics is suitable for people with excellent analytic background. As a Statistician, you could employ yourself whereby you provide consultancy services regarding questionnaire design, administering surveys, data entry, data analysis and monitoring and evaluation of projects.

Journalism and Mass Communication

Journalism is broad; apart from being a radio presenter or TV anchor, you can also employ yourself.

In a journalism class, you can specialize in video production and photography, which is a basic requirement for professional photographers and film directors.

After college, you can start your own recording studio, which is so profitable.

Veterinary Medicine

Citizens of countries like USA, Sweden, UK and Australia are very lucky. This is where Veterinary Medicine is very marketable because people love keeping pets.

If you start your own firm, no one will beat you in terms of making money.

Graphic Design/Interior Design

Pursuing Graphic/Interior Design diploma course will provide a direct ticket to self-employment. It doesn’t matter which country you reside but I can comfortably note that the course is very marketable in more than 80 % of the countries on this planet.

Information Technology (IT)

Web Designers, System Administrators, Computer Programmers and even Information Security experts have all pursued IT or related courses. Once you possess a diploma in IT, you can perform several roles related to IT, either as a consultant or within a firm.

Real Estate

Real Estate is a big industry world over. With real estate skills, you can start your own real estate agency.

Electrical Engineering

After completing your diploma course, start a firm which deals with electrical installation and wiring in homes. You won’t think of seeking employment anywhere.


Very few companies employ people with diploma in Music but many people seek services of music teachers.






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