14 Young Africans Help WealthBankers Launch Job Arena


3 Months after 14 Young Promising Africans Take Charge, WealthBankers Successfully Launches Job Arena.

The launch of WealthBankers Job Arena was held in several African nations after 3 months of hard work and dedication by 14 very promising Africans all under the age of 30. They came together to curb the prevalence of poverty and unemployment, by providing a user-friendly job search platform to unite job seekers and employers in the African continent.

These 14 young enterprising individuals come from diverse backgrounds and faced some really difficult odds. However, those odds served as motivational tools that helped ensure the success of the Job Arena in record time. The young, promising Africans built such a great platform with the help of WealthBankers. They are upbeat about how the Job Arena will transform the face of the African employment industry.

“We spotted the vacuum in the job board industry and decided to find innovative ways to plug that vacuum. The passion to provide jobs for the many qualified university graduates that were sitting at home unemployed is what gave us the impetus to strive to produce such a platform to easily address the situation”.

Mr. Frank Chisom, Team Leader

The Job Arena is a new revolutionary addition to the already existing job boards operational in Africa. It comes with new and innovative features that make it easier and quicker for employers and job seekers to connect and interact with each other to find the perfect fit. The Job Arena was designed specifically for easy navigation and usage.

WealthBankers Job Arena serves employers and job seekers in 19 English-speaking African countries and the team is currently working to expand their services to the rest of the Africa in the very near future. To be truly Pan-African, the Job Arena platform has a comprehensive and up to date database of the resumes of job seekers and job posts that span the 19 African countries they already operate in.

By providing a broad range of industries and job types to choose from, WealthBankers Job Arena seeks to ensure that all graduates no matter what they read in the university have a chance of landing their dream jobs in their respective fields.

The best feature of Job Arena is the dual functionality it presents to employers which allows them to select from a candidate pool already collated and categorized while actively searching for new candidates to fill their vacancies. Job Arena will be particularly helpful to job seekers who are looking to further enhance their careers as provision has been made for career guidance and advice.

About WealthBankers Job Arena

WealthBankers Job Arena is now a subsidiary of WealthBankers. WealthBankers is a member of Global Wealth Innovations’ network of about 20 companies. It is work in progress with a bigger and better dream that would impact so many lives in Africa and the world in general. The Job Arena is user friendly and has affordably priced job post features; unlike a number of job websites. Their major aim and objective is to become a one stop site for job search and advertisement for both employers and employees in Africa. Their vision is to facilitate the African market growth and develop a people of influence.

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