25 Small lucrative businesses you can start with little capital in Nigeria (N5, 000-N2 Million)


Every coin counts when it comes to operating any kind of business. It doesn’t matter the kind of business you conduct neither does the size of the business, what matters is the difference you make with the little cash you have.

Assuming you have very small amount, small enough to make you think you can’t do anything with it.Look at what you have, that’s exactly the money the likes of bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg started their business with; where are they now!

If you are in dilemma about the best business to start with your little capital, go through the list we have provided below and pick what your heart desires. More than 80 % of the businesses we have listed here require capital of less than N200, 000.

  1. Pet business
  2. Kids products and toys
  3. Consultancy services
  4. Holiday tuition
  5. Real estate agency
  6. Laundry business
  7. House cleaning services
  8. Customized jewelry and beads
  9. Day Care
  10. Salon
  11. Photography
  12. Wedding and event planner
  13. Computer Training
  14. Graphic design
  15. Interior Decoration
  16. Cyber Café
  17. Second hand goods(clothes,shoes,women handbags)
  18. Poultry
  19. Phone repair services
  20. Berber Shop
  21. Grocery
  22. Selling scrap metals
  23. Computer repair
  24. Insurance agency
  25. Holiday tuition classes







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