Highest Paying Degree courses/Jobs in South Africa.


You are in college or employed but you have little information concerning the highest paying degrees in South Africa. A recent survey reveals that Engineers, Doctors, Financial Analysts, Lawyers and Actuaries are the highest paid professionals in South Africa. The lowest paid are individuals with certificates and diploma qualifications.

BSc civil Engineering was ranked the best with individuals who pursued the course earning over R 20,000.It was followed by Bachelor of Medicine, where Doctors were found to be earning R 19,000.

Other courses that excelled in the new survey include Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of Law, Bachelor of Actuarial Science and Chartered Financial Analyst. Individuals who pursued the courses earn not less than R 15,000.


Starting salaries per qualification
Qualification Average starting salary Median starting salary* 25% quantile** 75% quantile***
BSc Engineering or BEng Degrees R19,069 R20,000 R15,000 R24,000
BEd Degrees R15,825 R16,000 R14,850 R16,787
General BSc Degrees R14,541 R12,000 R8,000 R20,250
BSc Computer Science or IT Degrees R14,452 R15,000 R8,000 R19,000
BTech Degrees R13,008 R11,500 R7,875 R14,500
BCom Degrees R11,070 R10,000 R8,000 R13,000
BA Degrees R9,534 R8,000 R6,875 R12,750
Diploma R6,814 R6,000 R4,000 R8,750
Matric R5,830 R4,975 R3,000 R6,500
Certification R5,777 R5,500 R3,000 R7,000