30 Best and marketable degree courses to study in South Africa in 2016


South Africa has the best universities in Africa and among the best in the world.

As a student, whether South African citizen or not, pursuing the right course could give you leverage over other professionals. Joining a top university does not automatically translate to success in life, but choosing the right career is the key ingredient of success.

This article selects the best of the best in South Africa, such that whoever intends to further studies here would not have hard time picking the right course. We understand you have different talents and academic muscles but the best for you is the path you take for a better future.

Based on the job market in South Africa and Africa at large, below is a list of the best degree courses to study in South African Universities.

  1. BSc Mathematics
  2. BSc Actuarial Science
  3. BSc Statistics
  4. BCom Accounting Sciences
  5. BCom Economics
  6. BCom Econometrics
  7. BCom Financial Sciences
  8. BCom Investment Management
  9. BAdmin International Relations
  10. BAdmin Public Management
  11. BCom Marketing Management
  12. BCom Option Supply Chain Management
  13. Bachelor of Dentistry – BChD
  14. Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery – MBChB
  15. Bachelor of Physiotherapy – BPhysT
  16. Bachelor of Nursing Science – Bcur
  17. Bachelor of Nursing Science – Bcur
  18. Bachelor of Clinical Medical Practice – BClinical Medical Practice
  19. Bachelor of Medicine
  20. Bachelor of Architecture
  21. Bachelor of Civil Engineering
  22. Bachelor of Information Technology
  23. Bachelor of Aeronautical Engineering
  24. Bachelor of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  25. Bachelor of Oil and Gas Engineering
  26. BSc Applied Statistics
  27. BA Human Resources Management
  28. BSc Structural Engineering
  29. Bachelor of Commerce
  30. Bachelor of Real Estate






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