50 Best Degree Courses in the World Today. Trending Undergraduate Programmes on Earth


There are over 2000 degree programs in the world but not all are suitable for people who want to make it in life. Some undergraduate degree courses are marketable everywhere on earth regardless of the country. A degree in medicine, for instance, is well paying and appreciated everywhere, same to computer related degrees and engineering courses.

One of the most trending courses on earth is real estate. This course is gaining momentum in terms of marketability because most countries in the world are appreciating the fact that real estate is core for the economy.

Below is a list of 50 best undergraduate degree programmes in the world

  1. Supply and Procurement
  2. Medicine and Surgery
  3. Aeronautical Engineering
  4. Bachelor of Economics
  5. Bachelor of Nursing
  6. Bachelor of Criminology and Forensic Science
  7. Bachelor of Pharmacy
  8. Bachelor of Actuarial Science
  9. Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication
  10. Bachelor of Oil and Gas Engineering
  11. Bachelor of real estate
  12. Bachelor of Statistics
  13. Bachelor of Biostatistics
  14. Bachelor of Project Planning and Management
  15. Bachelor of electrical and electronic engineering
  16. Bachelor of civil engineering
  17. Bachelor of accounting
  18. Bachelor of finance
  19. Bachelor of marketing
  20. Bachelor of commerce
  21. Bachelor of law
  22. Bachelor of architecture
  23. Bachelor of mechanical engineering
  24. Bachelor of public health
  25. Bachelor of monitoring and evaluation
  26. Bachelor of psychology and counseling
  27. Bachelor of econometrics
  28. Bachelor of economics and investment
  29. Software engineering
  30. Bachelor of veterinary medicine
  31. Bachelor of Computer science
  32. Bachelor of chemical engineering
  33. Bachelor of GIS and Remote sensing
  34. Bachelor of peace studies and conflict resolution
  35. Bachelor of business information technology
  36. Bachelor of early childhood studies
  37. Bachelor of food processing and technology
  38. Bachelor of nutrition and dietetics
  39. Bachelor of computer electronic systems
  40. Bachelor of applied statistics
  41. Bachelor of public relations
  42. Bachelor of science in petroleum exploration and production
  43. Bachelor of computer engineering
  44. Bachelor of education in special needs education
  45. Bachelor of arts in public administration and governance
  46. Bachelor of mathematics
  47. Bachelor of front office and customer service
  48. Bachelor of human resource management
  49. Bachelor of economics and statistics
  50. Bachelor of hotel management and tourism


Bachelor of statistics is critical in decision making. The course is also appreciated in every country on earth. Actuarial science on the other hand is growing at exponential rate because of the many risks companies especially insurance firms want to avoid.

Also a very important degree programme is oil related course, which is the best paying on earth as well as the most rewarding in countries where oil exploration occur.

The issue of terrorism has also created the necessity to have experts in criminology and forensic science, and this is where criminology and forensic science comes in.

Lastly, the ever growing social media, mobile applications and software development has brought software engineering into the limelight. If you believe you are talented in programming, software engineering is the course to pursue.