Anxiety is unavoidable for most of us. Once in a while we all have had a dose of anxiety. It really does not matter who you are, life is always unpredictable and impulsive. We have to admit that there are some of us who have anxiety disorders or just anxiety from a stressful event in our lives. There are hobbies that can help you work on your anxiety in a natural way. We understand that sometimes what works for another person might not work for all of us though. Barrie Sueskind, a family and marriage therapist suggests the following hobbies to help you out.

Watching or reading

Several people love watching. To distract yourself and re-direct focus, go to the library and get a hold of an interesting book. If not, find a TV show that is engaging. This can be fascinating and can be the only way you lose yourself in other people’s stories. If you do not enjoy reading or watching, try audio books or fiction podcasts.

Working out

Everybody knows exercise is good for anxiety. But then you have to enjoy exercise for it to be effective. You might want to sign up for fitness classes if you feel like you do not like exercise on your own.

Painting and writing

Make an effort to do something creative like painting or writing. Once in a while or when anxious take a night off social media. This will help you embrace your inner self. Actually, it is not a bad idea to delete all social media apps from your phone. Doing something creative and engaging can be so soothing.  Well, if you do not think you can get creative at something, it is important that you find something engaging you will enjoy to do.

Practicing mindfulness                                      

Practices such as yoga, hiking or even meditation can help slow down unnecessary thoughts and help you relax. This is because they are engaging and keep you grounded. Find what is good and works for you. Some you could do without getting outside the house like say yoga.


Self-improvement classes

You want to learn something new or get better at cooking or polish your French maybe? All these you can do. A self-improvement class once in a while could be of some help. Of course it is very difficult to juggle work, studies or even alone time. These classes are meant to boost yourself esteem and distract you from the anxiety.

Get out of the house

It is important to try out some activities outdoors. Go out for nature walks. Some sunlight might brighten up your day and fresh air can be so fascinating. You could also opt to hike, bike, play games or bird watch. Getting out daily helps with our mental health.