Advantages and Disadvantages of WordPress Newspaper Theme


Over the past two years, I have been using WordPress Newspaper Theme, and now I want to reveal advantages and disadvantages of this theme.

I bought the Theme in 2015 after I realized a free theme was not generating enough income, I was also not comfortable with the display of AdSense adverts.

My two years honest experience is what I would like to reveal so that you can decide whether to buy or avoid Newspaper Theme.

Advantages of Newspaper Theme

  1. More options for adverts

One of the reasons why I opted for this theme is because it has numerous options for AD placement. Even if you want to place 20 adverts on your blog, all will fit and a space will remain for the blog to breath.

  1. Easy Advert placements

The second advantage of this theme is the ease at which you place your adverts. If you have an AdSense account, all you need is to copy the code and past in spaces created for adverts in the newspaper theme. You can paste in the header, top of the post, sidebar, between the post, bottom of the post, and above the footer.

  1. SEO friendly

I have used many WordPress Themes but never came across a more SEO friendly theme than Newspaper Theme.If you have a new blog, this is the theme to use to grow your website.

  1. Woocommerce

The theme has an extension that allows you to sell products like electronics, home appliances and many other goods that are sold online.So,once you buy this theme, you are sure it’s a complete package.’

  1. Multipurpose

Another advantage of Newspaper Them is that it’s a multipurpose theme.If you have a blog for posting jobs, this theme will work perfectly for you, and if your blog involves news, this is definitely ideal for you.

  1. User friendly

Posting content and uploading images is extremely easy.The blog is easy to learn,right from the creation of pages, and modifying posts.

  1. AdSense earnings

When I was using free theme,my AdSense earnings were extremely low, but after I bought Newspaper Theme,my earnings more than doubled. I was happy.


  1. Heavy

Unlike Newsmag Theme, which consumes low bandwidth, Newspaper Theme is relatively heavy. If your site receives daily visitors between 10,000 to 20,000,these theme will consume daily bandwidth of between 4 to 12,but this will depend on the side of the photos.

Newsmag Theme, which is a sister theme, consumes slightly less than half of resources Newspaper Theme consumes.

  1. Adverts

Some adverts are not proportional when using Opera Mini in a mobile phone, especially AdSense adverts. These adverts include article top and article bottom. The remedy for these is to set article top and below adverts to size 300*250.

All in all, I enjoy using this theme.