Advantages of Android phones

Android phones are the most popular gadgets in the modern world. The smartphones using Android technology has so many advantages that almost that excite almost every smartphone user. When buying a smartphone, here are the things you need to know about Android phones:

Android technology is stable

Android technology is one of the most stable operating systems. Once a phone adopts the technology, it’s hard for the owner to get minor problems like phone hanging problems. The good thing I like about Android phones is that even if it falls on ground, it’s hard to be completely written off.

There’s one thing that happened to me about a year ago. I was in my kitchen preparing meal as I speak to my mother on phone. All of a sudden, I realized the milk in a cooking pot was swelling. In the process of rushing to put off fire, my phone dropped to the ground. The first thought that came to my mind was that it was completely destroyed. I was wrong. When I went to pick it,I was shocked that it was functioning perfectly well—that’s how powerful  Android is.

Can run many applications concurrently

One of the major breakthroughs of Operating Systems is the idea of running several applications concurrently. The main reason why majority of smartphone users love Android is that it has the capacity to run up to 20 applications concurrently. For instance, you can search something on Google, Facebook, chat on whatsApp and login to Twitter at the same time.All you need is to minimize or split the windows to enable you to multitask.


Before Android came into being, most smartphones used to last not more than 5 years. Today, one can own and Android phone for more than a decade.


Though there is conflicting information about battery usage, it’s known that Android is being improved by the day and the latest version conserves a lot of energy. Nowadays, Android phone batteries last even more than 3 days without recharging.

Upgrading the software

Whenever Android comes up with new software, it allows phones with previous software to upgrade—this is one greatest advantage of owning an Android phone.Usually,new technology comes up with amazing features, which is why upgrading is important.

You can download all applications for free

All applications on Google Store can be downloaded for free if your phone comes with Android OS.This is good news because all of us need to download useful Apps like Opera Mini and Jumia

Most phones comes with Android

As a customer of Android, you have a variety of phones to choose from.Huwaei,Infinix,Tecno,Samsung and all other popular brands are made of Android, this gives buyers wonderful opportunity to choose whatever phone they like.

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