Akiba Commercial Bank Type of Loans


Akiba Commercial Bank in Tanzania offers several types of loans. Here is the list of loans offered by the bank

  1. Biashara loans

These loans are designed for all businesses from the smallest right up to vast enterprises.

Our Biashara loans guarantee you the following:

  • Low loan charges
  • An opportunity to grow and expand your business
  • A broad range of loan amounts and repayment periods
  • Access to many other banking services including ATM withdrawals 24 hours, 7 days a week
  • Easy and quick access to borrowing
  • Availability of advice and professional guidance from the bank

How can you get a loan?

  • You must be 18 years old above
  • Provide one passport-size photograph
  • Your business must be operational for one year or more
  • You must submit your business licence
  • Your business must have a permanent physical location
  • You must have an account with ACB
  • Your property, its contents, or motor vehicle will act as collateral
  • You can use a lien to deposit arrangement as collateral
  1. Solidarity Loans

To access these loans you must be 18 years old or above and ready to form a group of five to six entrepreneur members.

Why your group should consider these loans:

  • Low loan charges
  • Make your repayments only once a months
  • Loan amount depends on the type of business the group in involved in
  • Ability to make savings in installments
  • The bank will register and accept your group as valid
  • Access to many other banking services such as ATM withdrawals 24 hour, seven days a week
  • Access to advice and professional guidance from the bank before your loan is issued

How do you qualify?

  • Applicants for the loan must form a group of five to six members
  • Members are required to be fully acquainted with each other and be able to guarantee one another against any loan
  • The business for which the loan is applied must have been in operation for 3 months or more
  • Applicants must be prepared to open a Savings Bomba account and a Special Savings Account (SSA) to be used to guarantee the loan
  • The business and places of residence of applicants must be located in areas served by the bank
  1. Home Improvement Loans

With our Home Improvement Loans surely home is where the heart is.

We understand your passion to fulfill your dreams; we share your aspiration for dignified living because the most important things in life matter to us too. Our foundations were built on the desire to improve the lives of people, the everyday people who want to make a difference in their lives and make better sense out of living.

Like everyone else we know your home is the most treasured investment money can buy and for that matter we want to help you make it a pleasant place to live in. We know that no other place must be held dearer to your heart than your home, and that means only one thing – that it must be comfortable, up to date, and simply the best!

Our Home Improvement Loans are designed to help you accomplish just that.

With the payback period extended to 60 months to provide you with the flexibility you need, choosing to upgrade your home today couldn’t be more appropriate.

We have also significantly increased the amount you can borrow from TZS 20 million to a whopping TZS 50 million; imagine how far this amount can go in making your home a more valuable investment!

Finishing your house or completing vital repairs and extensions no longer need to be a nightmare because our loans come tailored to your specific needs. Making the right decisions when it matters requires the backing of a bank that understands where you are and where you want to be.

We have put in place a smooth application process that gives you priority if you have a good credit history with us or any other bank, and our basic conditions are that:

  • You are aged between 18 and 65 years old
  • You own a business that has been active for one year or more
  • You are the legal owner of the property the loan is being requested for
  • You have lived at that property for one year or more
  1. Corporate loans

Enjoy ACB corporate loans.

Corporate loans are available to make you realise your business dreams. Visit us today and start to enjoy TZS 100m and above at affordable and negotiable interest rate coupled with a convenient period up to 3 years.


  • Borrowers must be account holders with ACB and they must have operated their accounts satisfactorily for at least 6(Six) months.  (For a competitive corporate customer we will insist for additional 12 months Bank Statement from his/her previous bankers)
  • Submit a formal written application for credit facilities, mentioning clearly the amount applied for, purpose of the facility, period for which the facility is required and collaterals offered to cover the proposed facility.
  • Submit original plus a copy of Memorandum and Articles of Association, Certificate of Incorporation (for Limited Liability Companies) and Business licence, which will be certified by an authorised Bank Officer.
  • Submit a brief on business ownership and profiles of key members of management.
  • Board of Directors Resolution authorising borrowing from ACB and pledging their company’s properties as collaterals.
  • Submit copies of Audited Financial Statements (Balance Sheets and Profit and Loss Accounts) for the last three years. Reputable audit firms registered with the National Board of Accountants and Auditors must audit the Financial Statements.
  • Submit Business Plans supported with cash flow projections chart, Letters of Credit and Schedules for the coming 12 months and the latest Management Accounts.
  • Other business documents such as contracts/orders/LPO’s and tenders in hand and invoices for goods/materials to be purchased.  Up-date inventory and trade receivables detailed age wise.
  • Income Tax Official Returns if any (For Limited Company).
  • Copy of Annual Returns filed with the Registrar of Companies (For Limited Company.
  • Indicate banking relationships with other Banks/Financial Institutions giving details on credit accommodations from other financiers.
  • For individual persons: biodata including age, marital status, details of spouse, business and residential address, name and address of employers, annual income, number and age of dependants must be provided in the application.
  • Photocopies of Titles to the proposed collaterals with their respective valuation reports from the Bank’s approved valuers. (Land rent paid up to date, Insurance Policies and Property Tax).
  1. Salaried loans

Your dream is now nearer with our ACB salaried loans

We highly value the contribution all employees make towards the improvement of their own welfare and that of their families and loved ones. We equally understand how important it is to ensure every employee has the confidence they need to build a strong foundation for tomorrow.

For these reasons we have befittingly made it possible for you to access a salaried loan under your employer’s guarantee towards accomplishing those crucial matters such as buying land, school fees for your children and other necessary expenses.

Eligible employees will be accepted for the loans upon the explicit recommendation of their employer.


  • Employees whose loan application has fulfilled the loan requirements of the bank
  • Employees on permanent terms of employment
  • Employees on long–term employment contracts


  • Our loans are short-term repayable from 6-36 months
  • The maximum loan amount will be 11 times your take home salary
  • A top-up on the loan balance is acceptable after 9 months of repayments


  • Our interest rates are based on your declining principal balance
  • Repayments are in equal monthly instalments and will coincide with your salary payment dates
  • Our loan processing fees will be only 2% and a minimum of Tshs 20,000/=
  • Insurance will cover your outstanding loan in case of death or permanent disability


Akiba Commercial Bank will facilitate repayments by deducting from your salary every month and issuing a repayment cheque for the total amount to any of our branches or through salary channelled into your personal account.


ACB will ensure quick, hassle-free processing of your application.

  1. Overdraft Facility

Run your business in a stress free environment with ACB Overdraft facility Loan.

ACB overdraft solution is here to relieve you from temporary business financial constraints that you may encounter. ACB is here to extend a suitable bridging finance to you wherever you need it; at affordable and suitable conditions such as reasonable/ negotiable interest rate and the Overdraft limits of your choice Once the cash sales and account receivables are paid in, they reduce the balances and the interest are paid in.

The credit period for an overdraft is twelve months.