Aliko Dangote’s Mansion in Lagos (Photos)


Aliko Dangote is Africa’s richest man with a net worth in excess of 12.9 billion USD.The man has built a $30 million mansion in Nigeria, whose design is equivalent to Donald Trump’s house.

Dangote built the mansion 12 years ago and has been living in it since it was completed. The design is unique and only available among wealthy individuals.

Dangote is the man who wanted to acquire Arsenal, a club valued at $1.2 billion. But his plans were shattered after the owners declared they are not interested in selling the club.

The man who owns several companies in Nigeria owns this mansion.



This is the interior of Dangote’s mansion.It is extremely specious with excellent finishing.The sitting room can accommodate up to 50 people,who will comfortably sit,each one in his own chair.


This House has a boardroom where Dangote holds his business and family meeting.As you can see,it can accommodate up to to 16 people.



The two photos show Dangote’s home office and a massive kitchen.The kitchen is so big that if partitioned can make 6 kitchens.


This is where Aliko Dangote sleeps.Look at the bedroom,how big it is and what it contains-money is good.