Apartments, townhouse, residential houses for rent in Texas: one bedroom, two bedrooms, three bedrooms


Texas is a popular state in America with a population of 29 million. This is the home for former American President George W Bush junior and senior.

Dallas city is one of the best cities in the United States, with world class hotels and restaurants, several recreation facilities, best schools in the south west and a host of other attractive physical features.

Top companies such as Exxon Mobil, Southwest Airlines and Texas Instruments have their headquarters here.

Who should live in Texas

The city has all kinds of people; a number of Africans, Asians, indigenous as well as Chinese call this city ‘home’.

Counties in Texas

  1. Bell County, TX
  2. Bexar County, TX
  3. Brazoria County, TX
  4. Brazos County, TX
  5. Cameron County, TX
  6. Collin County, TX
  7. Comal County, TX
  8. Coryell County, TX
  9. Dallas County, TX
  10. Denton County, TX
  11. Ector County, TX
  12. El Paso County, TX
  13. Ellis County, TX
  14. Fort Bend County, TX
  15. Galveston County, TX
  16. Guadalupe County, TX
  17. Harris County, TX
  18. Hays County, TX
  19. Hidalgo County, TX
  20. Jefferson County, TX
  21. Kendall County, TX
  22. Lubbock County, TX
  23. Mclennan County, TX
  24. Midland County, TX
  25. Montgomery County, TX
  26. Nueces County, TX
  27. Smith County, TX
  28. Tarrant County, TX
  29. Travis County, TX
  30. Williamson County, TX

Prices of apartments

Some people choose to go for mortgages while others prefer paying rent. If you intend to pay rent, the following are approximate costs for apartments in Texas

We have four main categories here: Apartments, Residential homes, for rent and town houses .Town houses tend to be more expensive than other categories.


Monthly rent for one bedroom in both categories range from $350-$600

A two bedroom house is estimated at $550-$750

Rent for a three bedroom house is $800-$1,200







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