Are Agriculture Courses Marketable in Kenya


Agricultural courses are aimed at equipping students skills that would help them boost food security as well as contribute to economic growth. The courses are marketable in Kenya, especially those that deal with animals and crops.

The world as changed a lot in terms of soil degradation and environmental pollution, which have impacted negatively on food production and equally affected continuity of certain species of animals. Professionals with sufficient skills on how to reverse the losses are highly sought in Kenya. These professionals are people who have studied agriculture courses.

Whether you will seek employment in public or private sector, or pursue farming, you will feel the beauty of pursuing agriculture courses in college.

Farming in Kenya is booming-I know you have heard stories of several Kenyans making millions out of farming-the stories are absolutely true, and these people have even employed other graduates.

No one should discourage you from studying agriculture courses-you might regret if you accept to be manipulated. If you feel your heart drives you to that line, then follow what it desires.

The best universities to study agriculture courses include University of Nairobi, University of Eldoret, Egerton University and JKUAT.

Some of the best Agriculture courses include BSc Agribusiness and Enterprise Management, BSc Agriculture Economics and Veterinary Medicine.