Are Agriculture Courses Marketable in Uganda


Agriculture courses can be pursued in almost every university in Uganda, but these courses can sometimes disappoint because they are simply not marketable.

When you study and agriculture course, be it engineering or general agriculture, you shouldn’t anticipate employment-you have to set your mind into self-employment. If you are keen enough, you will notice that very few companies advertise jobs for agriculture graduates in Uganda, meaning that the courses related to the field are simply not good for employment.

But there are several profitable agriculture ventures you can engage in and become rich here in Uganda. One of such ventures is poultry farming. To be honest, if you start raring broilers and supply to various hotels in Kampala, you won’t think of employment again. You can also do dairy farming or plant profitable crops like onions, carrots and tomatoes.

If you are a student, pursuing agriculture related courses, you better think of starting your business because unemployment rate in Uganda is extremely alarming.






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