Bank of Kigali Mortgage Loans


Bank of Kigali offers mortgages to people who plan to own homes.

A mortgage is a long term loan is secured by real property. The lending could be for outright purchase of property which serves as security or collateral for the loan. It could also be for financing to construct a house where an individual has a piece of land or renovating ones property. 


  • Repayable over 15 years
  • Interest rates are fixed depending on prevailing market conditions
  • The property purchased or under construction serves as collateral.
  • Personal contribution usually 30% of the purchase value.
  • The property is insured against perils to protect the interest of the borrower.


  • We have extended the term to 15 years which means you can afford the house you desire at more flexible terms.
  • The monthly repayments are fixed which means you do not have worry about your monthly budget.
  • If you have a BK mortgage you are also eligible to get a top up extended to 15 years at the same monthly installment you automatically qualify for our credit card which means you don’t have to go through another assessment.


  • Application Letter
  • Completed application form.
  • Valid identification documents of client and spouse
  • Employment contract/service certificate
  • Last 3 months pay slips
  • Valuation report for the property
  • House valid documents and photos
  • Provisional of sale contract for outright house purchase
  • Loan certificate (if purchasing liability from another financial institution)
  • Bank statements for the lst 6 months(if account held with another financial institution)

Why you should take a mortgage loan from the Bank of Kigali

The first reason why you should take a mortgage from the Bank of Kigali is that the loan finances your house up to 100 %.This means that you don’t have to chip into your pocket to top up the loan you secure from the bank.

The second reason is because you are given flexible time to pay the loan. Bank of Kigali allows you up to 15 years of repaying the mortgage, which means  that you can also do other investments as you pay the loan.