Bank of Montreal Canada Swift Code


Bank of Montreal in Canada has a special swift code for sending and receiving money through wire transfer. If you want to send money within the country and outside through wire transfer, you have to use swift code.

When you are sending , be prepared to provide the sending financial institution with:

  • Your customer information including beneficiary account name and address including country
  • Bank of Montreal as the name of your beneficiary bank and the branch address including country
  • Your 11 digit beneficiary account number consisting of the 4 digit branch transit number and 7 digit account number
  • Routing information in the format //CC0001NNNNN where //CC0 is standard code, 001 is BMO’s 3 digit bank institution number and N is the 5 digit branch transit number

When sent in U.S. Funds also provide the sending financial institution with:

  • BMO’s USD correspondent bank information
    • Pay through: Wells Fargo Bank (FKA Wachovia)
    • And provide:
      • S.W.I.F.T BIC Code: PNBPUS3NNYC
      • OR – Fedwire ABA: 026005092
      • OR – CHIPS UID: 143906

Sending money through wire transfer is safe and requires a simple procedure. It takes a maximum two days since the money is sent for the recipient to be able to withdraw.