Benefits of Being a Member of ICPAK


There are over 10 benefits of being a member of ICPAK .The most important benefits include Visa Debit Card, inclusive rate of motor insurance, free professional publication and 20% discount on all training at KCA University.

Below is a description of all the benefits you would enjoy when you are a member of ICPAK

Knowledge development

ICPAK purposely enhance their members’ skills and competencies towards increasing their value worth;

  • CPD Events – ICPAK’s rich calendar of events comprising of seminars, conferences, workshops and professional forums.
  • Regular updates on the latest trends and developments within the Institute, the profession, and the business world in general, through their news bulletin, the E-Connect and ‘The Accountant’ magazine’

Member benefits

The Institute makes being a member worth it. ICPAK aims to provide products and services exclusive their members, which enhance their general lifestyle.  Here are some of the offerings the institute members enjoy;

  • Affinity card – ICPAK Smart, an international Visa Debit Card
  • Insurance-An exclusive rate on motor vehicle insurance (3.8% with Madison Insurance)
  • Professional publications – a free copy of ‘The Accountant’ magazine, access to our electronic bulletin, the E-connect
  • Publications for sale – discounted prices on latest editions of IFRSs and ISAs handbooks
  • Member discounts –
  • KCA University – 20% discount on all training courses at KCA University to the principal member, 10% to the spouse and 10% to two children
  • Toyota Kenya –
  1. 3.5% discount on the retail price on purchase of private car
  2. 4.5% discount on the retail price on the purchase of commercial cars
  3. 15% discount on purchase of genuine Toyota spare parts
  4. 15% on repairs and maintenance of pre-owned and locally acquired Toyota motor vehicles