Best and Cheapest Laptops to buy in Tanzania


Laptops is what defines our life today, but being economical as we are, cheap is what we need. There are several laptop brands you can buy cheaply in Tanzania which are very durable. Here is the list.


Lenovo are laptop brands that were introduced recently in Tanzania. With just Tsh 300, 000, you can have a brand new Lenovo.

The beauty of this laptop is that it’s both durable and cheap.


HP is considered one of the best laptop brands in the world. Owning an HP laptop is not only assurance of better results but also assurance of better speed and durability.

If you buy a HP laptop of at least 500 GB and Intel core i3, you will have no worry about anything.

The best thing about HP laptops is that you can have one with the most basic features and one with the best features, but both will serve the purpose.


Acer is another respected brand that can never disappoint the user. With as little as Tsh 400, 000, you can have a nice Acer laptop.

ACER competes well with powerful brands like HP and Lenovo, making it one of the most favorites for laptop lovers.


ASUS is another new laptop brand in Tanzania you should consider buying. The laptop is extremely cheap but contain attractive features regardless of the cost.

One of the best things about this brand is that the keyboard and screen are of high quality. The battery life too is favourable.


Sony laptops are very powerful, just like Sony smartphones and electronics. The company has cut a niche for itself and its brand is among the most powerful brands on earth.


Apple laptops are rare in Tanzania but if you are a programmer, this is a must have.

The best thing about Apple is that they are very durable. Another secret about this laptop is that they don’t need an anti-virus. They also back up information automatically. So, losing data will not be an issue.