Best and marketable courses to do with a C plain, C- and D, D+ or D- in Kenya


Tertiary education is very important to anyone who wants to advance in studies and build his career to be competitive in this dynamic world. The fact that you never attained a C+ and above doesn’t mean that your life has reached a dead end; there is a lot you can do with your grade.

There are so many people in the county who are very successful yet they didn’t pursue courses like Medicine and Law, which are believed to be a gateway to success. There are also a million others who pursued very good courses in popular universities within but they ended up failing miserably in life. Success is determined by the people an individual associates with, strategies and determination and sometimes luck.

If you didn’t manage to score a C plus or more in KCSE, don’t worry. Below are courses you would pursue that could change your life completely.

  1. Diploma in Electrical/Mechanical Engineering

I was shocked to her an employer  comfortably arguing that Kenyans who pursue a diploma in Electrical Engineering perform better in their work places compared to degree holders. I later heard a number of employees agreeing to the statement. We later established that if an individual does a diploma in Engineering, he has better chances of getting a job as compared to a degree holder. Surprisingly; with a D+ grade you can pursue a diploma in Engineering.

  1. Front Office/Customer Care

Customer Care Services and Front office jobs in Kenya are plenty. The advantage with Kenyans who score C+ and below is that they can pursue these courses.

There is a high demand of Front Office administrators in the country as companies set up new offices while others are expanding. The demand for Customer Care Officers is higher than the demand for Doctors.

  1. Nursing

Just like Medicine, Nursing is very hot cake in Kenya. It’s very rare to find a Nurse hopelessly loitering in the streets because she is jobless. Though a graduate can stay home for some weeks after graduating, there is always a guarantee that someone with a certificate or diploma in Nursing must find a good place to work.

  1. Diploma in Business Management

This is a wonderful course which gives individual skills required to be a successful entrepreneur. With a C plain and below, you would be in a class learning Diploma in Business Management.

  1. Diploma in Business Information Technology

Unlike other business courses, this course is decorated with Information Technology aspects. The beauty of learning this course is that you could easily find yourself working in IT companies or Banks.

Entry requirements are either a C plain or below.

  1. Diploma in Early Childhood Education/Special Needs Education

Who thought that one day education courses could be this marketable? These two courses are taking the job market by storm as the demand for Nursery and Kindergarten kids soar. You only need a grade of C or below to study a diploma in one of the listed courses.

  1. Diploma in Film Production/Journalism and Mass Communication

Nowadays, comedy pays. As a diploma holder in Film Production, you could easily find yourself working in the Churchill show or producing your own documentaries for sale. You don’t need an A to enroll for this course; a C- is enough, or even a D

Also, the emergency of social media and the ever increasing of online presence have increased demand for Journalists. This is good news to those who wish to pursue this course.

  1. Diploma in Risk Management and Insurance

I know a number of students who scored grade A in Mathematics and Ds in other courses. This is the course for such students. It only requires a C-.

  1. Diploma in Hotel Management

Hotels will always recruit people with relevant skills. One interesting thing about working in hotels is that it doesn’t matter whether an individual was smart in class, what matters is how well you perform your duties. You just need a D or a C to pursue a certificate or degree in hotel management.

  1. Diploma in Accounting

Accountants are well renumerated in Kenya regardless of whether one possesses a degree or not. This is a marketable course and you should not hesitate to pursue it.






43 responses to “Best and marketable courses to do with a C plain, C- and D, D+ or D- in Kenya”

  1. venas Avatar

    Journalism and Mass Communication at KIMC

  2. james Avatar

    i had C plain with B in history B- in english C+ in CRE C in swahili D in all sciences & math & D+ in agriculture..advise which course 2 do

  3. cyrus Avatar

    Likywise I have c minus advise me which to do

  4. martin Avatar

    am martin where can study certificate in agri Bsc

  5. martin Avatar


  6.  Avatar

    Comment:Which course can I take that is marketable? I attained d+

  7. rose Avatar

    Comment:can i afford BIT with C-and D-maths

  8. rose Avatar

    Comment:hallo i am rose,got C-in kcse
    in 2012,,maths ni D-

  9. Hope Mumbe Avatar
    Hope Mumbe

    I did KCSE in 2015 and in 2016 i joined a TTC for P1 certificate.Which is the besat thing that i can do after the P1 certificate?

  10. venas Avatar

    Yes,you can start with Pre-University at Mount Kenya University.

  11.  Avatar

    Hi I am neema and I attained Dminus last year so i wanted to do accounting,is it possible?

  12. cravin Avatar

    i did my kcse in 2016 and attained c- which course can i do

  13. venas Avatar

    You can start by pursuing online course.I will recommend you do courses that don’t have mathematics or science units.
    Here are the courses I will suggest on this link

  14. venas Avatar

    Which grade did you score?

  15. venas Avatar


  16. venas Avatar

    Yes,that can take you to KMTC

  17. venas Avatar

    Yes,you can enroll for a certificate course at MKU

  18. Felistars mwende muteti Avatar
    Felistars mwende muteti

    comment:am mwende I attained d+ can I take course in nursing pliz advice

  19. Emmanu Gymtyzo Avatar
    Emmanu Gymtyzo

    I did KCSE in the year 2015 with a mean grade of C plain,
    will I persue course of diploma in nursing plz guide

  20. Emmanu Gymtyzo Avatar
    Emmanu Gymtyzo

    I did kcse in the year 2015 will I persue diploma in nursing plic guide

  21. Hamza. Avatar

    Comment:Naomi dat z very possible.

  22. Hamza. Avatar

    Comment:Naomi that is very possible.

  23.  Avatar

    I did my kcse in 2016 can i do nursing?

  24.  Avatar

    I got c- what course can I do apart from the above


    Comment:am mercy got a d+…but got E in maths… which course is best for me am confused please help me… thanks…

  26. venas Avatar

    Arts courses.You can pursue marketing related courses

  27. richard miano Avatar
    richard miano

    Comment:I did my kcse in 2016 and attained a D+ .i passed very well in history&cre and also the languages but I attained grade E’s in maths,biolog&chemistry..,advice me on which course to pursue please

  28.  Avatar

    Comment:guide me plz a attained d+ which course I can do and is marketable

  29.  Avatar

    Comment:i scored d+ tell me rerrevent course for me plz

  30. Sadik Avatar

    Comment:Am sadik what can i take with d-

  31. am danie wekesa Avatar
    am danie wekesa

    Comment: l got a mean grade of d+,,, can l persue nursing

  32. venas Avatar

    You can take a cheap course online with your qualification.Here is a link

  33. venas Avatar

    You can do several courses online with a D and get a job in is a link

  34. Michelle Avatar

    Which school offers nursing… I got a D plain.

  35.  Avatar

    Am Lilian wahat course can I take with a D-

  36. Augustine Avatar

    Comment:i am atgustine wanjala,i got D+ but wish to take accounting is it posible

  37. Augustine Avatar

    Comment:am intrested with accounting

  38. Naomi shitundu Avatar
    Naomi shitundu

    Im a c plain material but ought to partake p1 is it possible

  39. stephen munyua Ng'ang'a Avatar

    Comment:i I am stephen i attained.a D plain but though i got an E in mathematics

  40. Seth lusweti Barasa Avatar
    Seth lusweti Barasa

    Comment:I got a D+ and I want to do Human resource management

  41. value Avatar

    Which uni offers those course

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