Best and Marketable Diploma courses to Study in Uganda

Diploma courses in Uganda are as marketable as degree courses but not all diploma courses are appealing to employers.

If you are intending to pursue a diploma course within or outside Uganda, the following are the most marketable courses you should consider for a bright future.

  1. Diploma in Computer Science
  2. Diploma in Project Planning and Management
  3. Diploma in Front Office and Administration
  4. Diploma in Finance and Accounting
  5. Diploma in Statistics
  6. Diploma in Hotel Management
  7. Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology
  8. Diploma in Clinical Medicine
  9. Certificate in Pharmacy Technology
  10. Diploma in Business Administration
  11. Diploma in Human resource Mgt
  12. Diploma in Marketing Management
  13. Diploma in supplies and procurement management
  14. Diploma in Computer Science






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