Best and profitable business to start near universities and colleges in India


India has over 1000 universities and colleges which attract students from India and around the world.

University students are people who are ready to spend on luxuries, smartphones, clothes and many things that make lifestyle a reality for them. As an entrepreneur, you should take this opportunity to set up a business near training institutions to maximize profits.

Knowing very well consumption trends in India, I would like to reveal to you the best and profitable business you could start in Indian Universities and colleges.

Ice cream business

Students love taking ice cream. This is one of the businesses you would always thank God for enabling you set it up in India.Furthermore,the business require very little capital and is extremely profitable.


Electronics shop

Students love gadgets like smartphones, tablets and laptops. Though some students like buying from eBay and Snap deal, there are a number who could prefer from nearby shops.

Hotel business

Hotel business is the most ideal business to start near a college because students must eat. Colleges in towns like Mumbai and New Delhi are potential areas for the business.

Cleaning services business

Some students don’t struggle washing their clothes; neither do they wash their rooms. This is a good business to start near colleges and universities in India.

One advantage of starting this business here is because competition is not high.

Jewelry making

Jewelry shop will do very well near universities and other training institutions. Regardless of where to start the business, profits are guaranteed.

Grocery shop

This is a must have business in a training institution. Grocery shop will give you the profits you ever dreamt of.

Printer, scanner and photocopy

Students photocopy, scan and print a lot. Set up the business in a training institution and see how you will reap from it.

Transport business

Cabs and vehicles to move students around the universities is a good business in India. Never waste a chance to start the business if you have resources.






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