Best Audit Firms to Work for with good salaries and better working conditions


Audit firms are among the best institutions to work for regardless of the country an individual works from.
One of the advantages of working with and Audit or Accounting firm is the experience a professional gains within the environment. They not only give one world class skills but also provide a platform for an individual to acquire leadership skills such that if an individual manages to apply for a job elsewhere, he has more than 90 % chances of getting the job.

More than 50 percent of workers in Audit firms joined the companies immediately after college. These institutions select students who excel in undergraduate training and put them into a thorough training in fields of finance,

Accounting, Audit, Actuarial Science,Tax, Data Analysis and Quality Assurance. Once the training is over, they are recruited into various departments within the Audit firms.

This article is aimed at giving fresh graduates insight on the best Audit firms to join in order to build a successful career.

1. PWC
PWC is among the best 4 audit firms in the world. The best thing with working with PWC is the amount of exposure a professional gets. You will travel, Audit big companies, attend business meetings, receive the best trainings and at the end of the day you become a brand.

2. Earnest & Young
The amount of training an individual receives is not debatable, it’s actually the best. The salary too is what can tempt any graduate to join Earnest & Young

3. Deloitte
No words to describe this great institution. Those who have worked with Deloitte describe it with big words, they always heap praises on the firm due to the trainings and exposer they received in the course of their duties.

In countries like Kenya, KPMG is regarded as the best places to fresh graduates acquire skills to take leadership positions in the society. Apart from being a leader in Audit environment the giant firm also pays decent salaries to their employees.

5. PKF
Though PKF is not among the top 4 Audit firms in the world, it is among the institutions where employees walk in knowing nothing but walk out with all the skills required of a professional.

Fresh graduates join PKF as Audit Assistants and grow within the institutions to become partners.

6. RSM Ashvir
RSM is also a good company to work for especially if a graduate wants exposure in the field of Tax. It also pays competitive salaries.






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