Best Banks for Fixed Deposit Account in Uganda-This is Where to save your Money


If you want to save money in Uganda, you can either save in a fixed deposit account or money market but fixed deposit account emerges the best if you prefer to save with a bank. In Uganda, several banks offer fixed deposit savings option but only a few have attractive interest rates.

When it comes to choosing the right bank to save your money, stability of the bank is important, also consider a bank with attractive interest rates and one that invests your money in real estate and real assets.

Below we present a chart indicating the minimum deposits required by each bank, interest rates and withdrawal period

Centenary Bank 300,000 3,6,12 ·         Account earns interest at a rate higher than that applied on savings account .

·         Account can be liquidated any time on notice.

·         Account can be pledged as collateral for loans.

Standard Chartered Bank 25,000,000 2,6,12 ·         Investment can be pledged as security

·         Access to personal loans and overdrafts equivalent to 80% of balance on Fixed Deposit

Negotiable(Usually 8.5 %-14 %)
Post Bank Uganda 1,000,000 3,6,12 ·  No charges at all

·  Can borrow up to 100% against the deposit

·  Attractive interest rates lower than prevailing bank rates

Interest of up to 10%, for balances of up to OGX 100-499M, negotiable for balances above 500M
Equity Bank Uganda 1,000,000 1,3,6,12 & 24 ·         Flexible investment period

·         Access to loans against the deposit

·         Automatic roll-over investment facility

Housing Finance Uganda 1,000,000 3,6,12  

·         Account earns interest depending on the amount and period

·         Account can be liquidated any time on notice

·         Account can be pledged as collateral for loans.

GT Bank Uganda 1,000,000 30, 60, 91, 182 and 365 days ·         Available in all Major Currencies.

·         Regional Currencies available on request.

Barclays Bank Ugand   2,000,000 ·         Benefits

·         The more you deposit, the more you earn

·         Tiered interest rates

·         Your money is safe and secure

Negotiable (Usually from 6 % to 14 %)


The banks listed above are the most stable in Uganda. You can approach any of the banks to save your money in fixed deposit account.