Best business for college and university students to start within universities in Kenya


I have seen so many university students making millions out of business within their institutions. One.One of my friends, who was a student at Kenyatta University, started a business of selling printed t-shirts. He saved enough money from the business which he used as the starting capital for his current restaurant in Nairobi city Centre. He was recently featured on the program Young Rich at K24.

As others spend their money carelessly and eat the fat in colleges, you should be different; capitalize on their ignorance and start a venture which could define your future. Even if your only source of income is held, you can’t miss something to do even with Ksh 1000.

If you have a vision, this is the business to start in Kenyan colleges and universities.

1. Starting scanning, printing and photocopying business
Students photocopy, scan and print so many documents. If you have at least Ksh 3,000 you can start either one business or both. If you manage to start the business I assure you that you’ll complete college knowing what entrepreneurs are made of.

You can start the business within the hostels or outside your halls of residence.

2. Selling printed t shirts
College students like wearing t shirts during week days and weekends. You can start the business by buying plain t shirts and making them more appealing to students by printing them. A single t shirt can give you a profit of between Ksh 200 to Ksh 500.

3. Selling Safariom and Airtel credit cards
Instead of letting students travel long distances looking for credit cards, you can save them the energy by bringing the cards closer to their hostels.

The good thing with credit cards is that they aren’t perishable. You can therefore sell them at your convenience.

4. Selling ladies handbags
Students in Nairobi Universities are very privileged because they can obtain ladies handbags from Eastleign cheaply and sell to student at reasonable prices.

University ladies can provide the best market for your products. What you need is to ensure you have their trust by supplying to them at reasonable prices.

5. Selling ladies trousers.
University students prefer trousers to skirts. Just like ladies handbags; you can start the business of selling ladies trousers with as little as Ksh10, 000.I assure you that this is a lucrative business in Kenya.

6. Selling perfumes and lipstick items
University students like using perfumes and lipsticks. This is a business which could give you some good cash if the students like your products.

7. Start M-Pesa Shop
If your wallet is fat starting an M-Pesa within college will be a very good idea. Don’t shy off from starting this business; it’s not written anywhere that students should not engage in business.

Students like spending and receiving money from parents and sponsors. An M-Pesa shop is the best thing to happen to any student with entrepreneurial mind.

8.Operating a salon

This business will work best for students who live outside the school compound.If you don’t have sufficient money to hire a room for the business,you can convert your room into a salon during the day.

Your first customers should be classmates,they will invite others in the course of your business.






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