Best Business to start with small capital for four Leavers and school dropouts in Kenya


When I completed my form 4 exams, I was the first one to thank God for seeing me through all the struggles in life; little did I know that out here, it’s tough. I immediately started spending time on watching television and doing nothing. I stayed idle for entire period I was waiting to join college.

Two years later, I realized that I had wasted my time, which I could use to do something to get some cash for upkeep. I wish I knew.

If you are one of those Kenyans who have dropped out of school for lack of fees, don’t waste time, please look for something small to do. Whenever I meet some school dropouts and try to advise them to start a small venture, they always tell me that they lack capital for business. The moment I start mentioning the business they can pursue without necessarily injecting any money into it, they change their mind completely.

There are also form 4 leavers who spend entire day doing nothing, perhaps sleeping. If you are among the idle form 4 leavers, please wake up today. You should realize that there is a group somewhere, your age mates, who are working day and night to better their lives. Five years from now, you may not eat from the same plate.

Below we discuss some of the best business you can do as a form 4 leaver or school dropout in Kenya

1. Selling Safaricom and Airtel credit cards
If you have Ksh 1000 you can approach a business which sells credit cards and buy on wholesale. Then move around selling to friends and relatives. You can also sell in your local markets.

2. Selling mitumba clothes
Business of mitumba clothes is profitable in Kenya.It doesn’t matter where you set up the business as long as you understand your business.

I have seen many college students doing mitumba business even in their colleges, which give them advantage over other students.

You only need Sh 1,000 to start second hand clothes business in Kenya. More encouraging is that no licence is required to have the business running.

3. Selling ice cream and chocolates
Fourm 4 leavers who live in major towns can comfortably do this business. If you live in Nairobi, you can sell the ice creams at Uhuru Park, along the streets in town and even in the estates.

If you have Ksh 10, 000, you can start the business in Nairobi.

4. Hawking
Whoever cheated you that hawking is for people who lack brains to do meaningful business is not aware of what happens in the surrounding.

A hawker is twice likely to succeed as compared to a teacher in Kenya. On average, a hawker makes Ksh 1,000 profit per day, when a full time primary teacher makes Ksh 500 per day.

5. Selling cereals
While some areas like Kisii, Narok, Kericho and Eldoret might be having plenty of foods, other towns like Kisumu, Mombasa and Nairobi are lacking the same.

Areas like Kawangware, Embakasi and the entire Eastlands are good for people who sell cereals.

You can start by selling finger millets, beans and maize, and then later include other types of cereals.

6.Operate a photocopying, scanning and printing business
The business has employed thousands of Kenyans, most of them being school drop outs.

If you set up the business near schools and colleges, you will not regret.

7. Starting car wash business
I was shocked recently when a friend of mine who operates a car was in Buruburu told me that he makes monthly profit of Ksh 100,000.I used to think that guys in this business are wasting time.

If you manage to come from areas like Eldoret, kisii, Kericho, Migori,Siaya and other small towns, you can easily start car wash business without a sweat.

8. Boda boda business
No one can deny that President Uhuru Kenyatta saved the country from hopelessness by making it possible for any Kenyan to import a boda boda.Today; many youths are making a good living out of boda boda business.

9. Rearing chicken
Do you have some small space in village which can be used to house chicken?

Please spare some Ksh 5,000 and buy some broilers. One year later, you will be smiling all the way to the bank.

10. Sell mandazi
You are living in Kibera, Pipleline,Kitengela,Mtwapa,Kisauni but you don’t see any business you can do to get some coins. Wake up one morning and buy one unga ngano,then make some 25 chapatis and put them beside the road, you will be surprised with the response.






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