Best business for women to start in Nigeria with high profits


Women have come a long way, from the time where their place was permanently in Kitchen and their main and only role was to take care of children. Today, no sane person can underestimate the potential of women.

Though there are over 200 types of business you can pursue in Nigeria, women are known to perform well in some businesses as compared to men.

Most of the businesses which are conducted by women are very profitable but require small capital to start. Moreover, very few men bother doing the business.

In this article we discuss the best business for women in Nigeria, which is profitable and require little capital to start.

  1. Tailoring business & designer clothes

Buying a sewing machine isn’t a hard task as it requires very small capital to purchase the machines and set up the business.

You can start small and grow as you accumulate some money for expansion.

This tailoring business extends to designer clothes, which is performing very well in Lagos.

  1. Day Care Business

Many Nigerian women are very busy nowadays; they therefore like to have someone to take care of their children. Starting a day car business, especially in Lagos will be a wonderful idea.

One interesting thing about this business it that you won’t be competing with men.

  1. Poultry farming

I was talking to a lady in Enugu who revealed to me that she is into poultry farming full time. It all started when she realized that teaching couldn’t even place food on the table. She decided to quit her teaching job two years ago to concentrate on poultry. Today, she is a happy farmer, who owns several pieces of land and transport vehicles. She advises fellow women to try this unique business and they will get financial freedom.

The demand for egg is in Nigeria is extremely high and once you have your eggs ready, customers will be scrambling for them.

  1. Fruit Juice blending

Making fresh juice from mangoes, pineapples, apples and oranges will rake in some crazy money so much that can feed your whole village.

Nowadays people don’t like juice made from factory chemicals, they actually like drinking the juice which they see with their eyes being made.

Women are good in this business, I can assure you if you set your business near a man with the same business, you will surely make him close down.

  1. Fast food restaurant

It’s common knowledge that women are the most ideal to start and manage fast food restaurants.

Women love cooking, their food is super delicious. This is the main reason why men flock into restaurants owned by women.

One thing you should know today is that fast food restaurants are among the businesses with the highest profits in Lagos. If you manage to set up this kind of business, you won’t miss to make average of N100, 000-N300, 000

  1. Boutique business

Women know how to sweet talk clients, they are perfect when it comes to marketing. Boutique business is all about client relationship; the more clients develop trust in you the more you gain more clients.

Buyers tend to trust women more when it comes to boutique business because they believe women are good in choosing the right colours.






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