Best Business for women to start in Kenya to get high profits

Business is one of the most fulfilling initiatives any Kenyan can take especially in these hard economic times. It gives an individual financial freedom as well as time to manage resources without supervision.

As much as each one of us intends to pursue business of interest, we have varying degrees of strengths and weaknesses in terms of managing business. It’s believed that some businesses are best done by women while others are good enough for men.

Below we discuss the most profitable businesses for women in Kenya

1. Fast food restaurant
Fast food restaurant is becoming popular in the country as urban dwellers put aside Doctors instructions to engage in junk food. If you manage to make a walk at Nairobi city Centre, Mombasa town and Kisumu during lunch time, the story is the same-fast food restaurants are full.

Restaurant and fast food businesses are well managed by women because they know what is required at the kitchen; they are also good in budgeting. That’s the reason why they are always encouraged to set up fast food restaurant business.

2. Salon
Traditionally, a salon was meant for people who were perceived as lacking direction, people who never went far in terms of education. This is the time women-even men- are scrambling to open salons whenever slight opportunities occur.

Salon is a perfect business for women, though some men nowadays try their luck there, but majority fail miserably.

The secret to making a kill from salon business is to target members of affluent families where you charge as high as Ksh 30,000 per head. I can confirm to you that there are many salon owners who make monthly profits of as high as Ksh 1,000,000 in Nairobi.

Some of the towns where salon business is profitable include Mombasa, Kisumu, Mtwapa, Nakuru, Thika and Eldoret.

3. Cake baking
Cake baking is not a business you can ignore given money and time. I personally know many friends who own the business, including relatives, and they’re smiling all the way to the bank. My sister, who possess a degree in

Journalism from KU decided to quit her job from Mediamax Network to start the business. This was after she was hinted by a friend that it’s a lucrative business. She is now the ‘queen’ of cake baking in South C.

She reliably informs me that in a good day she can make up to Ksh 10,000 and Ksh2, 000 in a bad day.

4. Owning a boutique
An ideal boutique in Kenya comprises of women dresses, shoes, handbags and some men shirts. Men don’t buy as regular as women,so,setting up a boutique must be well calculative and aimed at making profits some few months after starting the business.

It is a fact that boutique is very profitable but it depends on where to set it up.Some of the best areas for this business include Kisumu, Meru, Maua, Kisii, Eastleigh, Nairobi CBD, Westlands Nairobi and Nakuru.

5. Operating a Chemist
If you have a diploma or degree in Nursing, Medicine or pharmacy then try pharmacy and you won’t turn back. Even if you don’t have skills, you can own one by recruiting people who possess relevant skills.






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