Best Business Indians to start in Kenya to get high profits


Perhaps you are in India and wondering which country you can go and invest your small capital and earn high profits; Kenya is the place to be.

As an Indian Nationality, there are so many business opportunities you can pursue in Kenya to get financial freedom which you could otherwise luck in your home country. As we speak, Kenya has more than 100,000 Indians who are really doing well in business.

I don’t think there is any country in Africa where starting any kind of business is very easier like Kenya. For your information, all the processes of registering a company in Kenya, starting from name search to being given a certificate of incorporation, take at most 2 weeks. If you set foot in Kenya today, in two weeks’ time you have a business.

There are over 200 business opportunities to be pursued in Kenya but not all businesses work well for Indians. This article shades light on the kind of business which an Indian can start and run without facing any trouble.

  1. Manufacturing Industry

I encourage anyone having over $500,000 to consider investing it in a Manufacturing Industry in Kenya. Several Indians who own the same are making serious money, they are among the highest contributors of Income and Value Added Tax, which explains how much they make.

  1. Hotel Business

Hotel business works well for Indians. No Indian has ever regretted starting hotel business in the Kenyan soil, they are all happy. One thing about Kenyans is that they don’t discriminate against who to buy from as long as the business has what they want with the best price.

  1. Buying and selling cars

Kenyans trust Indians more than any other person from another country. You can pool your resources together, if you don’t have enough as an individual, and start a car Bazaar in Nairobi. It will work for you, and you will thank God for your decision.

  1. Online electronics store

Kenya has only few stores which sell electronics several customers. We have Jumia, which dominates the market and needs a serious competitor. I see Indians being the ideal people to change the tide.

If you didn’t know, Kenyans buy smartphones, laptops and other gadgets as if there is no tomorrow. Indian products are known to be cheap, so Kenyans will rush to buy your products regardless of the source of the gadgets.

  1. Motor Vehicles Spare Parts business

This is one of the most profitable businesses in the country.Kenyans, especially in Nairobi, buy second hand cars which wear and tear easily. Motor vehicle spare part business will be a great idea for you; many Indians have succeeded in this business, why not you!






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