Best Business to start in South Africa in 2016


South Africa is a country full of business opportunities. Every town you visit, there are busy people making profits out of their business ventures. How this people started business is what most of you are perhaps questioning, but you will know the answer shortly.

One of the reasons why business dominate, in fact rules the world, is the ability to empower individuals regardless of class. Educationists and entrepreneurs are worlds apart, their thinking is absolutely different. While scholars believe in earning income from their papers, entrepreneurs believe in using scholars to ‘easily’ acquire wealth. It is not a secret many people with PhDs are regretting because what their thought of success never happened anyway but entrepreneurs, besides smiling all the way to the bank, have empowered millions of South Africans.

The world is becoming very competitive and jobs have become scarce. That’s the reason enough to consider business.

If you have already made up your mind, you would find the following types of business ideal in South Africa. Following our own research, we have identified the best business to do in South Africa to get maximum profits.

Tour Guide Company

Millions of people visit South Africa each year. A tour guide company is among the best business to own in South Africa, especially in Johannesburg.

 Transport business

The profit earned from this business is simply huge. You can own cabs for people to hire. The most ideal are those that operate within airport and at major hotels in Johannesburg.

Pet business

Pet business has become a lucrative business for those who had ideas over the business. So many people in major cities keep pets. They could make you a permanent customer if you decide to engage in the business .Selling a single pet could earn you not less than RS 2,000

Hotel business

If there are people who don’t make losses in South then Hotel owners are the people.

Though setting up a bigger hotel could require huge capital, it’s wise to start a small restaurant and grow with time.

The best business to start in Johannesburg is a fast food restaurant, which could make you more than RS 500 per day.


This is among the business you could start with small capital but get value for your money. The business is particularly ideal for women as compared to men.

Electronic shop

You have two options here: you can either open a shop within a building or start online store where buyers make orders through your website.

We are in the era where smartphones are simply running everything. Electronics shop will simply promise you good returns. Some of the goods to sell through at your shop include Laptops, tablets, ridges, and clothes.

Beauty and cosmetics shop

Women are simply beautiful and amazing, but do you know what makes them have stunning looks!?A beauty shop is where they always visit to be attractive.

We have evidence this is a perfect substitute to formal employment. It pays.






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