Best Business to Start in Dubai to Get High Profits


Dubai is one of the regions in the world with huge amount of resources and people with almost zero income gaps. Business in Dubai is extremely profitable, especially if you have enough capital to start a business venture like real estate and car rentals.

It doesn’t matter which part of the world you come from. Once you arrive in Dubai, you realize that business is the way of life for people here.

If you intend to start business in Dubai, the following are the best business options for you.


Dubai being the top tourist destination in the world, millions of tourists visit the country.Bein a trader of clothes, electronics, cars, smartphones and even gold and diamond will make you millions of dollars within a short period.

Night clubs

There is a lot of money circulating in Dubai. People in Dubai love feeling good by drinking and dancing. A night club will be ideal for an entrepreneur

Cleaning Services

There are cleaning services in Dubai but fortunately they are not enough to cater for the growing number of upper class citizens looking for such services. There is a huge number of immigrants from India, Kenya,Nigeria,Uganda,Ghana and other parts of Africa who are willing to do general cleaning for money; you can employ them.


If you have at least $ 100, 000, you can start a classic hotel in Dubai to serve a huge number of tourists who need accommodation and meals. This is one business you will be assured of breaking even before two years are over.

Travel Agencies

No doubt about making profits from a travelling agency in Dubai. Even when other countries in the world are suffering from the slump in tourist numbers, Dubai is still very stable.


Transport and logistics business is very lucrative in Dubai more so the huge trucks that transport goods over long distances. You can also engage in Cabs business, which is equally profitable.

Car Rentals

If you have a fleet of cars you wish to convert into a business venture, please do. There are many people who visit Dubai to spend for a short time. Those are the people you should target. You can also target the huge population who are not yet stable to own their cars.

 Educations for Expatriates’ children

This is one business that is making many people millionaires overnight. Start and educational centre targeting children of expatriates. This will surely be a lucrative business.


Healthcare is a very important sector in any economy. You can own a chemist, a clinic or a health centre and people must visit your health centre.

Security (shopping centers and hotels)

Jewelry Making and Retailing

Trading in Diamond and Gold is one of the most profitable businesses in Dubai. There are many traders who travel millions of miles to purchase those precious commodities in Dubai. Tourists also purchase the same. Selling gold and diamond will earn you double the buying price.

Real Estate

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a bungalow or apartments you are building as long as you own either. There is a huge demand of houses to let in Dubai and if you are among the owners then life shall be good.






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