Best Business to do in Eastleigh Nairobi and get high profits


Eastleigh has numerous business opportunities,having evolved from being a village to being one of the busiest business centres in East and Central Africa.

Many traders travel from as far as Uganda to purchase products for their businesses. This is attributed by the low cost of products in various stalls within the town.

Every street you pass is congested with a sea of humanity, who either arrived to window shop or shop for their businesses.

Eastleigh is dominated by members of Somali origin, most of who migrated from Somalia to set up business in the town. However, a few members of other tribes are well represented and compete favourably with the Somali.

If you are eager to start a small business in Nairobi, perhaps you are wondering which town will be perfect for your kind of business; you should consider settling in Eastleigh.

Following our market research, we list the most profitable businesses in Eastleigh, Nairobi

1. Clothes business
Eastleigh is always congested because most people travel there to buy clothes for their personal use.Eastleigh is the only town in Kenya with the friendliest prices for clothing.

We found out that in the town, a single stall generates profit of between Ksh 70,000 to Ksh 500,000 per month. Regardless of the town of the day, day of the week, people always flock to the stalls to buy clothes.

As a business person, this is one opportunity you should exploit. The moment you start clothes business in Eastleigh, you will never look back.

There is always a belief that only women clothes generate profits, but here,whetether it’s men, women or children clothes, you must make something out of the business.

2. Shoe Business
The shoes you see being sold in most towns in Kenya are ferried from Eastleign.Apart from Mitumba shoes; the prices of shoes being sold in Eastleigh are third to none.

Currently, shoes are flying off the shelves in most stalls we visited in Eastleigh.If you are intending to put up shoe business, then Eastleign is the place.However, you must sell in wholesale prices to realize enough profits.
3. Restaurant
Setting up a restaurant in the town will never disappoint you. The secret to restaurant and fast food shop is numbers.

The crowds who visit the town are enough to consume your food within the shortest time possible.

The hotel owners in the town post daily profits of between Ksh 5,000-Ksh 50,000; according to those we interviewed.

4. M-Pesa Shop
It is estimated that Kenyans transact over Ksh 100 million through M-Pesa in Eastleigh town alone.

In fact, if you have M-Pesa shop which is not doing well in your town, please consider relocating to Eastleigh.

5. Selling Women Handbag
This is another one which not only does well in Eastleigh, but throughout the country.

Business of selling women handbags is a lucrative venture in Kenya; many jobless graduates have resorted to venture into this business.

Eastleigh tops the list of the towns which supply the highest number of handbags to citizens.
Other businesses to try include Car wash, boda boda business,electronic shop,selling of bui bui and shuka and grocery shop.






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