Best business to start in Kericho town


Kericho is a green town, where it rains almost daily. This is a town of plenty with several millionaires.

Several business opportunities exist in Kericho and fortunately many are not exploited. As an entrepreneur, this is the town you should think of investing your money to strike it rich.

If you have plans to start a business venture in Kericho,the following are the best business to start in the small city.

Rental property/apartments

Kericho lacks enough houses to accommodate growing number of people relocating to the town. If you have capital starting from Ksh1 million, please invest in Kericho.

Bodaboda business

I have noticed that many people in Kericho like using motorcycles. This is a great opportunity for whoever intends to open a motorcycle spare parts business in the town. We have conducted a feasibility study in the town and we confirm that very few such business exist here.


A salon in Kericho will definitely bring you some good cash, but you should have a salon and a Kinyozi in a single room to cut costs. A Berber shop will definitely generate handsome profits because men in Kericho don’t like keeping hair.


Tea is what people love here and if you have hotel which prepare tea for the locals then you are the solution.

Hotel business will never disappoint here even if it is in a small room.


The business is definitely good in any town in Kenya since people nowadays prefer transacting through M-Pesa other than Banks.

You need a capital of at least Ksh60, 000 to have your M-Pesa shop operating in Kericho.


I have never seen a region where residents like buying clothes from a boutique like Eldoret and Kericho.This is the most suitable business in Kericho town.







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