Best Business to start in North Eastern Kenya; Garissa, Lodwar, Turkana, Mandera


For a long period of time north eastern Kenya has need neglected as many Kenyans shun the area due to insecurity and underdevelopment. The promulgation of the constitution marked the beginning of a new era for the region.

In 2010, the constitution stipulated that there should be 47 counties in the country, among them being in North Eastern region. The last election saw the creation of counties, which meant that National revenue cascaded downwards to the grassroots level. North Eastern was among the most fortunate since the region had been neglected by the past regime, making it the most undeveloped region in the country.

Today North Eastern is enjoying the fruits of devolution. This can be seen everywhere as development is happening in and outside the major towns. As the area undergoes transformation you should be part of the change by thinking how best you can take advantage of the new dawn and set up a lucrative venture.

Several towns in Kenya are crowded with entrepreneurs except main towns in North Eastern. The following are businesses you can start in North Eastern.

1. Selling clean water
Water in North Eastern is a problem. If you can find a way of sinking a borehole within the major towns, you will smile all the way to the bank. You can either buy from the council and distribute to the residents or sink a borehole.

2. Bodaboda business
North Eastern region is among the few regions with countable motorcycles. I can advise you to start motorcycle spare parts business and bodaboda business.

3. Hotel
The first time I visited North Eastern, I checked into some hotel in Turkana and the first thing I noticed was the crowded small room, it was even hard for the waiters to serve the customers because of overcrowding.

People of North Eastern like taking tea and eating in hotels. You can take advantage of business opportunities available there to start a restaurant.

4. Mitumba business
Since majority of the people in North Eastern are not economically empowered, starting a mitumba business will be a wise ideas because majority of the people will afford.

You can order mitumba clothes from Nairobi and request bus operators to deliver to your shop whenever they visit Nairobi.

5. M-Pesa Shop
I can’t shy off from telling you that my relative owns one in Garissa and it’s doing very well. She is contemplating opening another shop in Turkana

One advantage of owning this business in North Eastern is that competition is not as high as other towns in Kenya, the profit is also high.

6. General Shop
Even if you have a small shop in lodwar, Turkana or Garissa,you will always make good cash from the business. You only need Ksh 100,000 to start a small shop there.

7. Selling cereals and vegetables
There is hunger in most parts of North Eastern. If you find a way of sneaking in Vegetables and cereals to any part of the counties then it will be a gold mine for you.

I am very sure that you will make at least 200 % profit on what you’ll sell.

8. Kinyozi business
People like cutting hair in this part of Kenya. The few Kinyozis which exist in North Eastern are overwhelmed by the huge number of customers who flock their businesses.






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