Best Business to start in Tanzania with small capital


Tanzania remains one of the countries with numerous business opportunities.Some of the best business to do in cities like Dar es Salaam are very lucrative and can easily make you a billionaire.

Apart from education, the only thing that can remove them from the chain of poverty is business. But many of our poor people think that some businesses are reserved for specific people. Billy Gates, Mike Zuckerberg and many successful entrepreneurs started business with absolutely no capital. Today, they control empires, employing millions of people worldwide and contributing immensely towards charity activities. To be Steve Jobs you only need passion, and everything will follow.

The greatest injustice you can do to your life is to die with an idea.

Tanzania has numerous business opportunities; unfortunately most of the available ventures are unutilized. Right from Dar es Salaam, to Dodoma, to Mwanza, lots of opportunities exist which need you.

Assuming that you don’t have enough capital but you intend to start a small business to keep you going, the following list guides you on the kind of business you can start with small capital in Tanzania with maximum profits.

1. General Shop
In Tanzania, General shops are found in every town, small and big, and it’s believed that the owners are doing very well.

The only issue you will have is to get a good room, which is strategically located, where you’ll be operating from.

2. Selling women clothes
Tanzanian women love beauty, they like dressing decently and looking presentable is their hobbies.As an aspiring entrepreneur, venturing in selling women clothes will give you the financial freedom you have been yearning for.

Furthermore, starting this kind of business is not only easy but also requires little capital. You can choose to start from home or take a small room within your town and set up the business.

3. Farming
Farming in Tanzania has earned several citizens billions of shillings. Many are living large because of what their get from their small farms.

Farming requires passion and skills to determine the right season for specific crops. You can obtain skills as you take care of your farm, experience is the best teacher.

Some of the crops that do well in Tanzania include maize, beans, onions and tomatoes.

4. Selling Cereals
People, especially town dwellers, don’t have land to harvest cereals; they depend on what is supplied by middlemen.
Setting up this type of business does not require huge capital since you’ll be selling in small quantities.

If you are jobless and you live in towns like Dar es Salaam then try this business, you’ll never look back.
5. Starting a Day care school
Did you know that you can start a day care with nothing in your pocket?

I managed to talk to a lady who owns a day care in Dar Es Salaam and she confessed to me that she started the business out of desperation. She graduated with a Degree in Early Childhood Education in 2014 and after failing to secure herself a job, she decided to start a day care in her house.

Neighbours used to give her their kids to take care and when the day was over, she could get something from them. She later realized that she could make something out of the business and decided to rent a bigger room. Today, she has three workers and has vowed not to seek employment anymore.

6. Selling Second Hand Clothes
More than 80 percent of Tanzanians depend on second hand clothes for survival. The few who go for official clothing are from affluent families and workers whose employers are strict.

With a few notes you can start business of selling second hand clothes in Tanzania.






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