Best Cabs and Taxi to use in Nairobi during the day and night and be assured of security

Best Cabs and Taxi to use in Nairobi during the day and night and be assured of security

What will you do if you find yourself in a Car with a stranger?

When you decide to hire a Taxi, especially in Nairobi, there are several factors to consider before you board it for your journey.

It doesn’t matter who drives you but the company that owns the taxi matters a lot. Before you board such a car, ensure you note down the number plates and the name of the combine that owns the taxi.

We have heard many cases where those given a ride in a taxi are kidnapped, some are killed.

Some cars which pose like cabs are not genuine; some of the drivers are not of good intentions. It’s unfortunate that most of us just take a taxi simply because it’s cheap and readily available only to realize later that the owners had bad blood.

I have used several cabs in Nairobi.Initially,I used to look for cheapest cabs until I heard several friends complaining of being harassed on the way while others had their belongings stolen in many occasions, I decided to ask several people about their experiences. To my surprise, the same taxi I had black listed were the same cars that everyone I interviewed had vowed not to use again.

The main reason that made them not to trust some cabs include not having physical offices, thus not able to trace them in case anything happens on the way. Another reason is the fact that some taxis don’t belong to a SACCO or a company which can claim responsibility in case anything happens.

The visitors who arrive in Kenya for the first time always get hard times identifying the best cabs to use for their daily movement, they can now smile because the list we have provided will guide them make informed choices.

The names of the cabs we’ve provided below have physical offices and they have operated for some time in Kenya. Selecting one of them for your movement within Nairobi will instill confidence and enable you move without fear of losing any of your properties.

Though some might be a bit expensive as compared to other cabs, their services are extra ordinary. It’s better to pay more for better services than pay peanuts and end up losing your luggage and even endanger your life at night.
1. Pewin Cabs
2. Jatco Tours and Taxis
3. Delight Cabs Ltd
4. Kenatco Taxis Ltd
5. Easy Taxi
6. Air Cab
7. Focus Cabs Service Ltd
8. Courtesy LtD
9. Proxy Cabs Ltd
10. Junction Cabs






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