Best Companies to Invest for Shares in Kenya 2016


Shares are financial securities whose returns can significantly boost any investor regardless of the amount injected in the security.However,investing in shares require one to be extra cautious because of many dynamics in the securities exchange market.

At Nairobi Securities Exchange, there are over 20 companies where you can invest in shares and have rewarding returns.

Based on profitability and the future prospective of a company, the following are the best companies to buy shares in.

  1. Sameer Africa Limited
  2. Equity Group Holdings Limited
  3. Kenya Commercial Bank Group
  4. Cooperative Bank of Kenya
  5. Bamburi Cement Limited
  6. East Africa Portland Cement Company
  7. Kengen
  8. Kenya Power and Lighting Company
  9. Centum Investment Company
  10. British American Tobacco Limited
  11. Safaricom






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