Best Companies To Take a Loan For Mortgage in Kenya


A mortgage is a very important arrangement for individuals who want to own a home. There are several companies in Kenya that offer mortgages for persons who don’t have ready liquid cash to settle the cost of buying an apartment or a bungalow.

If you intend to own a home and you are seeking companies in Kenya that offer loans for mortgages, the following are the best companies to approach.

Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB)

  1. Housing Finance (HF)
  2. Investments & Mortgages Bank Ltd
  3. Standard Chartered Bank Kenya
  4. NIC Bank Kenya
  5. Barclays Bank Kenya
  6. Rafiki Microfinance
  7. TMC
  8. CFC Stanbic Bank Kenya
  9. Commercial Bank of Africa
  10. Commercial Bank of Africa
  11. Citibank Kenya
  12. Diamond Trust Bank