Best course to study between MBA and CFA


Master of Business Administration has become one of the common Masters courses in the world. Studying MBA in countries like UK, USA and Canada is a big plus for foreign students, even locals as it provides ground for job promotion and knowledge to be able to manage company assets as well as human resources.

Unlike CFA, MBA is for individuals who intend to become managers in organizations and not specialists in their fields of study. In MBA, an individual is given opportunity to specialize in finance, accounting, marketing, purchasing and supply or human resources management. The array of courses gives one freedom to do what they love and not what the institution feels it’s good for them.

Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) is extra ordinary good and few people dare to join training, which is regarded as the ‘toughest’. A CFA holder is highly respected in the field of finance because of the special input these professionals instill in their work places.

Not everyone will make it in CFA because it’s extremely tough. An individual must be prepared psychologically before joining the course. But good news is that even if it’s tough there are thousands of others who have completed the three levels and are now certified, why not you!


I will personally encourage someone to pursue CFA because it’s more intensive and could give you authority in your field. Unlike MBA where you are not a specialist, CFA gives one skills that makes him a specialist, thus becoming the authority in the industry.

If you are not academically gifted, I would encourage you to pursue MBA because it’s a bit nicer.

When it comes to salaries, CFA tends to pay better than MBA for junior professionals but the salaries for senior Managers from both courses tend to be equal ($100,000-$150,000)

Length of study

It generally takes CFA candidates not less than 3 years to complete the course but takes less to complete MBA.In fact,one year is enough to complete MBA.







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