Best Crops To Plant During Dry and Drought Seasons


Dry and drought season are not time periods when you can plant any crop and expect reasonable harvest. There are crops which do best during these periods. These crops are called “drought resistance” crops and they can be resilient until maturity.

When it’s dry, the price of maize flour shoots, vegetables become scarce and water because precious like gold. This is the time drought resistance crops help. These crops take a shorter time to mature and also consume less water. They can do better even in sandy soils as long as there are nutrients.

A list of crops with highest resistance to drought are as follows:


Wheat is described as the “mother” of all drought resistance crops. This crop, which does well in Brazil and Africa, takes at most 6 months to mature.

With little water and sun, wheat will mature and become food.

Wheat is used as a substitute for maize flour, rice and beans.


Rice is very delicious, but do you know it can rescue you during drought? This crop, which mature in less than 4 months, has a powerful resiliency towards drought. Rice, once has developed roots, it will mature to become food.


Sugarcane is another crop which require little or no water as long as there are nutrients.

Though sugarcane takes time to grow, it doesn’t require a lot of water to grow since it can utilize water already stored in its branches.


Coconut does better where water is not in plenty. They mature faster and longer where water is salty.

During drought, coconut will always be resilient.


Cowpeas is another crop which definitely require little water to grow. If you are a farmer and wish to plant a crop which can guarantee you profits, cowpeas is the crop to grow.


Try cucumber during dry season, the results you will get are amazing.