Best Degree Courses and Programmes to Study in Zimbabwe


Zimbabwe has several universities offering some of the best degree courses in Africa. Though the level of unemployment is high, there are popular degree programmes that can get you a job even outside Zimbabwe.

Some of the best degree courses in Zimbabwe include:

Medicine and Surgery

A degree in Medicine and Surgery is best not only in Zimbabwe but worldwide. The advantage of the course is that even if you are not fortunate to secure employment you can start your own clinic and make a living.

Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA)

Though the course is not classified as a degree programme, CFA is very marketable in the entire word.As a Zimbabwean who wants to make it in the world of business this is the course to pursue.

If you possess a CFA certificate, even if you don’t possess a masters you MUST secure employment in the financial sector.


Nursing is also another popular course in Zimbabwe, not because graduates secure employment easily but because you can start your own pharmacy or clinic and make a living.

Bachelor of Commerce

I know you will laugh at me when I mention Sales and Marketing, and bachelor of commerce but do you know no company can survive without these professionals.

I am aware salaries for Sales and Marketing graduates are not good but at least the course is marketable.

Bachelor of commerce provides the option of specializing in accounting, finance, procurement or sales and marketing.

Both specializations are good but you should combine with professional courses in order to secure employment. The best professional courses include ACCA and CFA.


A degree in statistics is suitable for students who are good in mathematics and want to be data analysts.

There are several research institutions and NGOs that employ statistics graduates in Zimbabwe.

The beauty of statistics is that you can get numerous jobs from students who want their data be analyzed or institutions which are in need of data analysts.


Law is not a bad course to study in Zimbabwe as it will enable you start your own consulting firm. You can also secure jobs with international institutions.

Software Engineering

Very few Zimbabweans pursue Software engineering because the course is challenging. If you are one of those people who love programming and want to secure a job at Google, Twitter, Facebook,IBM and many well paying institutions then Software Engineering is the course to pursue.


Architecture will not stop to be marketable as long as people and companies continue constructing houses.

The course pays well and also enables you be your own boss.