Best degree courses to study at the University of Dodoma


When it comes to choosing the right university degree, it’s always wise to select the best course. University of Dodoma offers the best courses.

Below are the best degree courses to study at the University of Dodoma

Doctor of Medicine

  1. Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  2. Bachelor of education in special needs
  3. Bachelor of Education with ICT
  4. Bachelor of mining Engineering
  5. Bachelor of Science in petroleum engineering
  6. Bachelor of Science in information systems
  7. Bachelor of Science in software engineering
  8. Bachelor of Science in computer engineering
  9. Bachelor of Science in Telecommunication Engineering
  10. Bachelor of Science in Statistics
  11. Bachelor of Science in Project Planning and Management
  12. Bachelor of Arts in Economics
  13. Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Statistics
  14. Bachelor of Law
  15. Bachelor of Commerce and Accounting
  16. Bachelor of Commerce in Finance
  17. Bachelor of Commerce in Human Resource Management
  18. Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing

After looking at the list, I realized that according to the job market in Uganda, the list provided above gives the best degree courses to study at the University of Dodoma

You will realize that most of the courses are either computer or business related, implying that the world is leaning to that direction.

Another course which I believe is best for mathematics enthusiasts in bachelor of Statistics, which is considered very marketable.

Nursing and medicine are the best because jobs are plenty and salary is good.