Best Diploma courses to study in Nigeria in 2016

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Nigeria is full of job opportunities but they do come when an individual select the best course for the job market.

Several Universities in Nigeria offer more than 50 courses, where most of the courses are very useless; in fact they won’t take you anywhere. Some of the universities, which I don’t want to mention, were simply created to make money but there are some selected few which train the best in the job market.

A diploma course can render you jobless forever, it can also be very useful, not only to your life but to the whole community. There are several Nigerians who have Diploma’s but they are earning good money, more than even degree holders.

A course you pursue in college matters a lot, so think twice before you decide on your future.

Having studied the job market, I believe the course I shall list below will help you make informed decision. Below are the most marketable diploma courses in Nigeria

Diploma in Electrical Engineering

You can look down upon these people-who care-but remember when you need electricians, they are the best to do the job. A diploma in Electrical Engineering could give you the dream job as well as provide ground for self-employment.

One thing I have noticed in Nigeria is that several multinational companies prefer people with diploma qualifications than degree holders. They argue that diploma holders never ask for huge pay, they are also not troublesome when executing their duties.

Diploma in Nursing

Nursing is one course that will remain marketable as long as people get sick. It is considered as the main pillar in the medical professions.

Nurses don’t earn much in Nigeria but opportunities for diploma holders are numerous. Unlike courses like teaching where a university graduate has no hope 10 years after graduation, Nursing will always promise better future.

Diploma in real estate management

I won’t promise you will get a job immediately you complete your studies, but one thing I can assure you, if you manage to open your own real estate agency, then 10 years down the line you will be listed in Forbes rich list.

Since there are several real estate companies in Nigeria, especially Lagos, you can as well look for a job in any of the firms.

Diploma in Statistics

This is a wonderful course but majority of young Nigerians are not aware.

The course is not flooded like finance. It can also land you in a big NGO where you are paid more than degree holders.

Diploma in Accounting

Financial institutions, banks, supermarkets, SACCOs, Schools need cashiers to balance books. Accountants are in demand here and no one should cheat you that the course is flooded.

To make it easier for you to get a job, you can pursue a professional course in Accounting or Finance.

Diploma in Marketing

As long as companies continue selling and promoting their products, they won’t be tired in employing diploma holders. In Nigeria, a diploma holder in sales and marketing is 4 times likely to get a job than a degree holder.

Diploma in Chemical and Petroleum Engineering

There are several oil companies in Nigeria which need your services. They are more likely to employ a diploma holder than a degree holder because they believe diploma graduates are well trained in technical skills and don’t demand high salaries.

Statistics show 60 % of diploma graduates get jobs in the first year of graduation, which is a good number as compared to other professions.






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