Best Engineering course to study in Kenya


You are a form four leaver, not knowing anything about the job market in Kenya, then you are told to enroll for an engineering degree. The worst thing at this point is to identify engineering course that could absorb you into the job market as soon as you complete school.

This article would shed some light on the best engineering courses to study in Kenya to be marketable, not only within the country but also beyond the borders.

We have several engineering courses offered at our local universities but below is a list of the best courses to enroll for.

  1. BSc Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  2. Structural Engineering
  3. Computer Engineering
  4. Software Engineering
  5. Civil Engineering

The four degree courses listed above are the best in Kenya, but you have an option of pursuing other engineering courses like Agriculture Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Oil and Gas Engineering.

A course like Oil and Gas Engineering can render you jobless forever because of lack of enough companies to absorb these graduates. Mechanical Engineering is also not marketable. Statistics show 40 % of Mechanical Engineers are still jobless.

Software Engineering is the best course to pursue in Kenya today because of development in IT and Social Media In the country.







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