Best Engineering degree Course to Study in India


There are several engineering degree courses offered in Indian universities.Some of the degree programmes include Civil Engineering,electrical engineering,structural engineering etc but not all the degree programs are the best.

When choosing the right career in India a student should focus more on the marketability of the course and the future of the career. Some degree programs, including engineering programs, are soon going to be obsolete, which is why you need to be careful when considering building your career.

Going by the job market in India, the following are the best engineering degree courses to study in India:

Structural Engineering

Structural engineering is a course that is applied in real estate sector. The course is highly related to architecture

The beauty of structural engineering is that even if you lack employment chances of succeeding in private practice are very high.

Structural engineering is recommended for Indians who want to join real estate market, which is booming anyway, and make good money.

Software Engineering

Software engineering is so far the best engineering course to study in India. If you have a dream of working with Google, Facebook, Twitter, Oracle,and many best paying companies in India then Software Engineering is the best course to pursue in the college.

The course, however, needs someone who loves programming, which pays modest salaries.

Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering is a cool degree course in India. The programme enables an individual to work in various construction companies in India or start their own consulting companies.

The salary of Civil Engineering in India, in dollars, is at least $ 1,000 per month and more than $ 3,000 per month if you are fortunate to work in multinational companies.

Electrical and electronics engineering

Popular companies like Airtel India like employing these graduates. Electrical and electronics engineering is ideal course for Indians who are good in mathematics and want to work in telecom and electricity companies in India. They can also work in the oil industry.