Best Estates for those earning small salaries in Nairobi


1. Huruma
Huruma estate is situated in Eastlands Nairobi and is suitable for people who earn monthly salary of between Ksh 10,000 to Ksh 25,000.It is among the few estates where you can find a single room at Ksh 2,500 per month, or even less.

A bedsitter in this estate costs Ksh 4,000-Ksh6, 000 while one bedroom rent can cost less than Ksh 10,000.

2. Korogocho
Korogocho estate is another estate with a significant number of residents who belong to low class citizens.Most watchmen, mama mboga and other Nairobians who earn less than Ksh 20,000 per month live here.

If your salary is Ksh 15,000 and below, you can find affordable single rooms and bedsitters here.Most of the houses are built for the less fortunate, where rent for a single room can be as little as Ksh 2,000 per month.

3. Kibera
Kibera has two sections; we have the old Kibera where most houses are built for low income earners and also the new Kibera where houses are built for the middle class. If you are earning more than Ksh 50,000 then the new Kibera is ideal for you but if your salary is less than Ksh 20, 000, don’t bother looking for houses to live in the new Kibera, instead search for one in the old Kibera.

In the old Kibera, there are single rooms, double rooms and bedsitters which are specifically built for watch men,mjengo guys, jobless people and mama mboga.In this estate, rent for a single room is between Ksh 2,000-Ksh 3,500 while a double room goes for Ksh 4,000-Ksh 6,000.

4. Kayole
Kayole is a popular estate in Nairobi with a population of more than 100,000.

Most people prefer to live in the estate because the cost of living is low and rent is cheap. When I was first looking for a house in Nairobi,I was directed to Kayole and surprisingly I got a single room for Ksh 1,500.

Houses are still cheap in Kayole.I was in the estate last week and contrary to other estates where they adjust rental prices yearly, rent here is not reviewed regularly. You can get a single room for Ksh 2, 000, a bedsitter for Ksh 4,000 and one bedroom for Ksh 7,000.

5. Kariobangi/dandora
Kariobangi and Dandora estates are close to each other and they equally share some physical characterisitics.Living in either Kariobangi and Dandora will ease the burden of straining your pocket with rent because rental prices are extremely low. The monthly average rent for a single room in these estates is Ksh 3, 500; a bedsitter goes for Ksh 5,500 while one bedroom goes for Ksh 8,000.

Living in Dandora or Kariobangi will be a good deal for an individual earning less than Ksh25, 000.

6. Mathare
Mathare is relatively cheap as compared to most estates in Nairobi. With only Ksh 3,000 you can have a beautiful one single room in Mathare.Also; Ksh 5,000 is enough to secure a bedsitter in the same area.

7. Kawangware
Finally, Kawangware is there for you if you are not good pocket wise. Houses here are not designed for the rich, however,the estate is next to posh estates like Kilimani and Lovington. Single rooms are as cheap as Ksh 3,000 while bedsitters don’t go for more than Ksh 8,000.






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