Best Estates to Live in Nairobi and Avoid Traffic Jam


Nairobi has over 40 estates, most of which are located in Eastern parts of the city.

In the last decade, there were few personal cars and many matatus within the city but over time, the numbers of personal cars have increased significantly as the numbers of matatus remain constant. This trend has been attributed to the rising number of middle class in the city and the readily available loans from the local banks.

Another reason behind the rise of personal cars is the rise in the number of working class women who prefer using personal cars to commuting.

The large numbers of vehicles in Nairobi roads have reached a level where the roads are unable to sustain their movements. Most of the roads in the city, except Thika Super Highway, were built in the last two decades. They have either two lanes or a single lane, making it hard for efficient traffic flow.

It has reached a time where waking up at 4 .a.m. is a norm among the city dwellers. Regardless of where you reside, you must wake up as early as possible to catch up with the matatu so as to avoid being late.

At the moment, it takes an individual an average of 1 hour to drive from Capital Centre Mombasa Road to town during rush hours. It also takes someone at least 1 hour to drive from Nairobi Outering road to Nairobi CBD during rush hours, this is sickening.

Nevertheless, there are estates you can live in Nairobi and avoid the hustle of Nairobi.The following are the said estates.

1. Ngara Estates
All estates in Ngara are minutes from town.In fact if you live in Ngara,you will not require even a car to take you to town, just a 10 minutes’ walk and you are in town.

2. Kileleshwa
Kileleshwa is considered the estate for the rich in Nairobi. However, you can get a bedsitter at just Ksh 15,000 per month. But if you have money, you can rent a one bedroom at Ksh 40,000 or a two bedroom at Ksh 55,000.

Kileleshwa is some few meters from Riverside drive and very close to Nairobi CBD.

3. Nairobi West
The roundabout at the Nyayo National Stadium is the main cause of traffic jam along Mombasa Road.Nairobi west is just next to the stadium. If you live there, you can comfortably wake up at 6.30 a.m and arrive at your work place latest 8 a.m.

4. Hurlingham
One of the estates with the most serene environments in Nairobi, Hurlingham estate is few metres away from Kenyatta National Hospital.

It’s among the few estates in Nairobi where you can enjoy your life as well as reach you work station the most convenient time due to its proximity to the city centre.

5. Jogoo road
Along Jogoo Road there are several houses; most of them are designed to accommodate middle class people in the city.

The houses are extremely cheap as one bedroom goes for between Ksh 10,000-Ksh 15,000 while a bedsitter goes for around Ksh 6,500.






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