Best Hosting Company for Viral Indian Websites


If you have a viral Indian Website, you should host with a company that does not frustrate you. There are several companies that provide hosting services but I will refer you to a company I trust, where my all websites are hosted.Kinsta is the best company to host your website especially when you believe the site will go viral.

Why do I suggest Kinsta?

The first reason why Kinsta tops the list of best web hosting companies for viral Indian websites is page load speed. As you are aware a site that loads fast is ranked highly by search engines, which is why Venas News always ranks best among competitors.

The second reason why I love Kinsta is their customer care. Whenever I have an issue, which is rare,I use their 24/7 chat and after I launched a chat, I wait a maximum of 5 minutes for a response, sometimes the response comes in seconds. I find Kinsta staff efficient and always ready to help.

What I like most about Kinsta is that they are always ready to help you whenever your site is hacked or a bad code is injected. You may not be aware that other hosting companies don’t provide this service, instead they tell you to seek the service elsewhere. I remember this year, three of my sites were infected with malware and after contacting Kinsta,they managed to remove it within minutes,..I am just happy.

There are many good things I can say about Kinsta but this last one excites me.You know, several hosting companies will suspend your account if you fail to pay on time,but kinsta is not in that category. In fact there is a time I had an issue with my bank and requested Kinsta to allow me pay a week later, they accepted.

The last point is that Kinsta servers are so powerful that they can scale to accommodate thousands of simultaneous readers. This is the exact reason I won’t  look elsewhere.

You can check they plans and more details by visiting their site, here is the website link (Click here for details)